PROOF: HAARP “RINGS” Created by US Military — Plasma Heating via Radio Waves

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from dutchsinse:

VIDEO: Links to the government experiments proving HAARP “rings” made of plasma, along with everything else shown in this video can be seen in text here:



All the documentation from the past 6 years of research on this topic of Plasma Rings induced by Radio Wave pulses , RADAR, HAARP and much more here:



The US Military (Air Force Research Laboratory) has confirmed that a Plasma ring forms in a bullseye – RING shape when targeted high frequency radio waves interact with the upper Atmosphere at a certain resonant frequency.

Experiments were done using HAARP to produce plasma rings, and super heating in the atmosphere, RADAR was used to observe the plasma rings (the plasma rings show up on microwave RADAR as reflective regions, showing up like precipitation ).

In the past, many people came to my videos (and posts) literally denying this plasma ring formation was “possible”. Saying I didn’t understand radio waves, RADAR, microwaves etc.. saying plasma rings could not be seen on RADAR as well.

These denying people said that the rings we were seeing appear across multiple systems were all sorts of things… claiming the pulses were just glitches, Birds and Bugs, Bats, and Background Clutter, and even saying the pulses were photoshops fakes! (just to name a few of the now debunked excuses people tried to give over the years).

People came to my pages, professionals took to the media, forums were created against me, all saying it was impossible for radio waves to cause heating, or to create plasma rings.

Many people even called me a conspiracy theorist for saying HAARP rings were being generated by pulses of Radio Frequency.

Now we come to find out that AT THE SAME TIME I was being being slammed for researching “HAARP rings”, the US Military was conducting HAARP ring studies.

To the many people who claimed it was “impossible” for rings to be formed by Radio wave pules, and said it was “impossible” to see Plasma on RADAR… you were wrong. It is now proved via military tests that your denials were fallacious.

I was accused of fraud, photoshopping the rings, and said to be a “mad scientist” for proposing the RADAR pulses were causing plasma heating , wind rotation in the upper atmosphere / lower ionosphere.

Now, here in 2016, FIVE long years after the online persecutions began towards me .. five years too late… we come to find documentation from November 9, 2011 proves my whole theory.

Not only is it POSSIBLE to create plasma rings using pulses of Radio waves, but it was done multiple times in experiments.

This doesn’t just occur at HAARP in Alaska, but can occur with any HF pulse of radio waves at a certain harmonic. Multiple harmonics produce the plasma rings, and multiple RADAR systems can be used to observe OR CREATE the plasma rings in question.

Plasma rings can be created by all sorts of pulses of Radio waves, and it can occur at multiple resonant frequencies (as seen in past AIM mirror experiments by the US Navy). We’re not just talking about HF radio waves, but VHF, UHF, and beyond.