“The Clementine Conspiracy – Project Golden Dragon” — Sander Mulder

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from KPRSProduction1:

VIDEO: “THE CLEMENTINE CONSPIRACY a.k.a. Project Golden Dragon” w/ Special Guest Sander Mulder

On January 25, 1994 the Clementine Spacecraft, which was officially named, “The Deep Space Program Science Experiment” Launched OUT OF the Van-den-berg Air Force Base in conjunction between the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization and NASA, with its primary mission to make scientific observations of the Moon and near-Earth asteroid’s.
Throughout Clementine’s in-flight orbit over the years, it’s High-Resolution Camera or (HI-RES) for short, managed to capture a staggering 2 million Hi-def photos of the moon’s surface.
However, upon further inspection of these photo’s that were sent back by Clementine’s Camera, they revealed remarkable artifacts that can still be seen EVEN under the elusive cover-up attempts by NASA and our Government.

Sander Mulder, expert and researcher of the Clementine Conspiracy, will be joining us on the program to discuss his 14 year investigation into what can possibly be “The Biggest Secret EVER, in the history of Mankind”

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