UFO Coverup, Deep State Quantum Computing & Covert GENOCIDE

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from Rense, via STOP TERRORISM:

VIDEO: Chemtrail Quantum Computing Mind Control Nanotech  — Preston James

Covert GENOCIDE in America Summary:

Fluoride in the water and genetically modified foods helps to bond the ionized aluminum nano-particles (scalar wave clouds) in the air we breath to the brain and nervous system turning us into walking transceivers for directed energy remote pyschotronic bio-telemetry/neural monitoring/mapping (human tracking/mind reading) via psychoactive E.L.F./Scatter Radar interferometry frequency bombardment of the entire chem-trailed sprayed population (transhumans) from over the horizon emitters such as H.A.A.R.P facilities, the Gwen Tower Network, power lines, transformers, and cell phone towers that is the infrastructure of the psychotronic grid. Genetic diseases, cancer, organ failure, and mental disorders are all on the rise. Other devices that make up the psychotronic grid also includes personal items and home appliances such as tablets, cell phones, laptops, smart meters etc… DHS Fusion Centers collect all electronic data (bio-electric included) and is monitored by the “National Security Agency” (NSA). Everyone is neuro-homodyne cloned into the “M.I.N.D. Network” and can be tapped into like a computer remotely anywhere and anytime. The NSA, CIA, DIA watch dogs uses the “VOICE OF GOD” weapon which is an artificial intelligence (computers programmed with neural linguistic patterning or interactive speech via EEG/electromagnetic evoked potential clone heterodyning) synthetic telepathically harassing targeted (so called “undesirables”) individuals with nonstop offensive mental molestation made to mimic “schizophrenia” or “demon possession” till the person submits to the perpetrating federally sponsored terrorist/criminal organization’s program (mind control), self terminates (suicide), and/or becomes an “on shelf shooter” commits a mass killings or is at least blamed for the atrocities for politically driven false flag operations. Usually coinciding with their elitist masters’ eugenic Agenda 21 for population control resulting in death, loss of freedoms, and more wealth and power for the peadophile psychopathic elite class.