EXPOSED: Turkey & NATO Caught Funding ISIS

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from Spy Kitten TV:

VIDEO: This video contains EVERYTHING you need to know about IS, (Islamic State), FORMERLY know as ISIS, or ISIL – The CONFLICT in SYRIA, and WHY this PROXY war is taking place in the Middle East & specifically in Syria.

Just last week the UN (United Nations) Implemented RESOLUTION 2254 WHICH calls for a ceasefire and a political settlement in Syria. With the new Resolution this gives ISIS, & Al Nusra Front the upper hand in rebuilding or regaining what they lost from the bombing Russia has been doing against them. The Elite have some AMAZING plans.
With the implementation the UN is in a way AIDING ISIS, and their illegal oil TRADES.

Now there are even Norwegian reports claiming that Most ISIS smuggled oil goes to Turkey, where it is sold off at low prices. GO FIGURE! Also the MP Eren Erdem of Turkish Parliament recently came forward to the media claiming, Turkey is responsible for giving CHEMICAL WEAPONS to ISIS! You guys this is huge and we really just understand that NATO’s true allegiance to ISIS is showing more & more every day.

Every since Turkey shot down Russia’s SU-24 fighter jet, they have been exposing all of TURKEY’S ties to IS or the Islamic State. For the past two months, Russia’s airstrikes hit 32 oil complexes, 11 refineries, 23 oil pumping stations, & Russian military had also destroyed 1,080 trucks carrying oil products up to 2,000 fighters, 120 tons of ammunition and 250 vehicles have been delivered to THE Islamic State & THE Al-Nusra militants from Turkish territory. turkey is aiding terrorists. no doubt about it.That was the russian mission. This my BROTHER & SISTERS is what prompted TURKEY to shoot down the Russian SU-24 fighter jet. This really made Russia made, and is most likely why all of these allegations, of Turkey’s TIES to ISIS are coming to the SURFACE!

America, Turkey, and NATO’s connections to ISIS have been in the open for a very long time all it takes is a LITTLE bit of digging, and you will find out what you see in this video is 100% true. There are multitudes of Interviews of FSA aka Free Syrian Army or Moderate Rebels Commanders, Colonels, Generals, and Militants stating that their “Brothers” of ISIS, and Al Nusra Front are very close to them and they have “Brotherly LOVE”, and “Go on joint operations with them! Remember the FSA (Free Syrian Army) is the ones we are FUNDING, and giving weapons to! This is huge!! If the FSA clams ISIS is their BROTHERS, you know for a fact the FSA shares USA given weapons with ISIS!

& remember with the Implementation of this “Quatar Turkey Pipeline” This will take away profit from Russia’s GAZPROM which is Russia’s BIGGEST money makers. That should explain why Russia wants to keep Assad in power!

EVERYONE & I REPEAT EVERY GOVERNMENT has their own agenda some just much worse than others. We really must say VIGILANT of everything going on in the WORLD. The ELITE is ALWAYS trying to slip a lie by us & this is why we all must stand together and EXPOSE the truth!
America & Turkey definitely have ties to ISIS & even helped in the CREATION of ISIS!

EVERYTHING going on in the MIDDLE EAST right now is playing a huge role in the BIBLICAL END times!