Syrian Girl: Why the Rothschild NWO Hates Syria

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from Red Ice Radio:

VIDEO: Syrian Girl is a Sunni Muslim from Damascus in her late 20s, now living in Australia. She has a very popular YouTube channel, which she calls anti-neocon, anti-NWO and anti-Zionist. Our conversation begins with a comparison of Shiite and Sunni Muslims, and then we look at what life was like in Syria before the beautiful country in the heart of the Fertile Crescent was destabilized. Syrian Girl describes Syria’s relationship with its neighboring countries before the Zio-west invaded the Middle East, and she explains the oil pipeline conflict between Iran, Qatar and Syria that brought a money hungry war to the region. Then, we get into why Syria has been invaded, and we cover the eight reasons why the NWO hates Syria and the Socialist Nationalist ideals of the Ba’ath Party. We talk about the outside economic pressure that brought globalist capitalism and surges of foreign workers to the unique country, and we look at the long history of African migration into Europe through Syria. Syrian Girl points to the globalist conspiracy to destroy Nationalism via neo-colonialism and imperialism that is driving people out of their homelands. Further, we consider how multiculturalism is not working for Europe and why the humanitarians who are rallying for more refugees simply don’t understand the Zionist agenda behind the Muslim conflict with Europe. Syrian Girl discusses the demographics of Syrian exiles, along with the millions of internally displaced refugees that are living in camps within the country and in neighboring Jordan and Turkey. Later, Syrian Girl gives her take on Russia’s obliteration of ISIS forces this month, she explains the historical relationship between Russia and Syria, and we look at who is funding ISIS. At the end, we ponder what the Middle East would look like if the zio-west had never intervened.

Websites: https://www.youtube.com/user/SyrianGi…