Who is Blowtorching American Jobs? THE FEDERAL RESERVE!!

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from BestEvidence:

VIDEO: The first episode of BestEvidence goes to the root of what’s happening to American jobs.

It examines the U.S. labor force participation rate going back to the first days of the Eisenhouser Administration (January 1953). After the rate stabilizes in the early 1960s, three distinct periods of time are clear by inspection.

For each period, BestEvidence breaks down the rate into its constituent parts—the labor force itself and the working age population from which it’s drawn (see below)—and looks at their respective changes.

The third and current period is a bloodbath.

BestEvidence discovers and presents here a stunning inverse correlation between the labor force participation rate and the U.S. monetary base starting in October 2008—exactly when the labor force participation rate entered a swan dive and the monetary base exploded.

This is no accident.

The episode concludes with a few words on the direction of BestEvidence, as well as the show’s format.


Labor force participation rate (%) equals…… (civilian labor force, number) divided by…… (civilian non institutional population, or working age population; number)

Currency in circulation:… (U.S. dollars)

U.S. monetary base:… (U.S. dollars)