“The United States is going to be VAPORIZED, that’s what I’m afraid of”

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from Greg Hunter:

VIDEO: This one is worth your time, but NOT because Greg Hunter is a good interviewer, he isn’t. Rather, it’s because Hugo Salinas Price is such a wonderful truth teller. “Russia remains a country that does not want to submit to the international order. So if these little me, because they are all little men, these US strategists are  not big men they’re little men, they think they are going to push Russia around and that’s a BIG mistake,  Russia is NOT going to be pushed around. And if there is a war with NATO, you know what Putin is going to say? Look, United States are behind this and YOU are our enemy, not NATO, YOU are the enemy, and here we go. Here we go. And the Untied States… is going to be vaporized… That’s what I’m afraid of.” – Hugo Salinas Price