HUGE Facebook Security Flaw Gives Personal Info to Strangers

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from dutchsinse:

VIDEO: Still posting personal info to facebook?  Well, fair warning…

HUGE SECURITY FLAW in Facebook “support inbox” and “ID Submission” allows other people full backend access to your support inbox, and gives THEIR FULL INFORMATION to you!


About the person whose information I received:

Princess Ford / Princess Ford Artistry Designs – Chicago, IL

The person who unfortunately had their information disclosed to me is named Princess Ford , from Princess Ford Artistry + designs out of Chicago Illinois.

I was luckily able to get a hold of her, and let her know that her information was sent to me. She gave me permission to list her name and contact info for the purposes of this story being made known.

She was very kind, and was equally mind blown by this strange occurrence.

She is extremely lucky her information was sent to someone who won’t try any identity theft, and will report this to media / technical communities online in order to prevent future occurrences of this “anomaly”.

Also, Mrs. Ford is very lucky that her facebook page was restored TODAY (August 6th).

This restoration only occurred after I personally contacted facebook today (Aug 6) to let them know the issue — contacted multiple people all the way to the top on this….. facebook then took care of the whole situation for Mrs. Ford in less than a half hour once we spoke on the phone.

Apparently she was shut down almost a full month ago, and had lost all her business contacts — thus her restoring today is a good thing for her new business.

Princess Ford turns out to be a really cool person from Chicago, who is doing design and fashion production.

If you’re a viewer of mine, in entertainment , television, or music… you might might to check out her designs and style portfolio — it turns out she’s a talented (and quite beautiful fyi) individual.

Maybe fate will send her a good break in the industry — I know I’ve got viewers out there who are looking for talented designers, and fashion stylists.

Here are links to her pages :




What happened?

Today, August 6th 2015, I received a message in my yahoo inbox from official facebook, letting me know they received my help request.

One problem with that, I hadn’t submitted a help request. Thus I opened the official facebook link, and saw that a whole thread of messages is in my facebook “support inbox”.

The thread of messages was between facebook support and someone I didn’t know, someone who was sending their Photo ID and personal information to get their account restored.

As it turns out an unsuspecting woman named Princess Ford, located in Chicago Illinois, had her account shut down by facebook. Facebook asked for her ID to restore access to her business + personal pages.

She sent her information to facebook as requested.

When she sent the messages, they were sent IN MY NAME — sent from Michael Janitch / Dutchsinse?!

Facebook then replied to her, and in turn replied to me as well, letting her know they couldn’t complete her submission.

Instead of facebook getting the messages, her information (and other peoples messages as well) are being sent directly to me — to “dutchsinse / Michael Janitch” !


More details on how this occurred:

When this woman had her account shut off, she immediately searched Google for what to do when your facebook account is shut off , and when they ask for your ID to restore access (prove who you are).

When she searched google, in top search a link appeared for her to submit her problem to facebook.

Herein resides the huge security flaw/error……. when the woman clicked the link to submit her problem (also submit her personal information , phone number, age, and personal documents to prove her identity)……… SOMEHOW she was taken to my own dutchsinse personal inbox !!

So we have a case of OTHER outside people somehow given full access to my back end of facebook — they think they’re submitting their information to facebook, but really it is going to me…. coming to me FROM FACEBOOK!

Facebook is sending me their messages (whole thread of messages), to my personal registered email on yahoo — to the email address I used to setup my facebook account.

I’m getting messages with OTHER PEOPLES personal information…. and other people are able to submit requests and use my account without ever having actual access , permission, or passwords.

This is a huge flaw.. somehow a link is giving people full access to other peoples facebook backend pages.