Marketing Evil — Steve Quayle & Pastor David Lankford

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from Hagmann & Hagmann, via BrewingWaves:

VIDEO-AUDIO: Hagmann & Hagmann Report – July 22, 2015 Steve Quayle & Pastor David Lankford: Marketing Evil

Consider what has transpired during the lifespan of today’s “baby-boomer.” We have witnessed what some are calling the fall of America. Calling it a fall, however, would be dishonest and incorrect, for a fall implies the consequence of something accidental, or perhaps even unavoidable. None of what we are seeing has been accidental at all, but arguably avoidable. For it was not a fall at all, but a push. It is, or should be as clear as the difference between a homicide and an accidental death. It must be understood that our nation is the victim of the former, and the perpetrators remain at large and in charge.

During the lifetime of the baby boomer, we have seen and many have even accepted the expulsion of God from our schools, workplaces, and virtually all public places. Over a half-century ago, prayer was removed from schools in a perversion of the First Amendment by “enlightened” black-robed renegades. When confronted with this opinion declared law, objection and outrage was limited and contained, even among many Christians. The majority of Christians assumed the role as spectators in a battle that required complete commitment, falling victim to the lie that it was virtuous to assimilate. The naïve generosity of Christians was deliberately exploited and the body of the church was infiltrated by the purveyors of the father of lies, bring us to the point where we are today.

Join Steve Quayle and Pastor Lankford as difficult questions are asked – Which side are you on? Perhaps the better question might be, is God on your side, or have you too chosen to remain silent and therefore complicit in the agenda of evil that has overtaken our land? Are you prepared to stand out by standing up, or are you content to remain silent to avoid earthly judgment? If so, are you prepared to stand before the throne of God’s judgment?