Jade Helm & The Coming Collapse — Guest: John B Wells

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from Hagmann & Hagmann, via BrewingWaves:

Hagmann & Hagmann Report July 24, 2015 with the host of Caravan to Midnight, John B. Wells who joins the conversation at 5:30.

You know his voice. You know the man behind the microphone. John.B. Wells, host of Caravan to Midnight, appears tonight to discuss the state of our nation and the world. J.B. interviews top-rated guests about matters of national and international importance. Tonight, the host becomes the guest and provides our audience with his assessment of current events based on the totality of knowledge gleaned from his interviews about such topics as Jade helm 15, the coming economic collapse, Iran, Planned Parenthood, and all news and current events that require in-depth coverage.