Democracy is a Sham: We are a Plutocracy

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by Don Jeffries, via Henry Makow:

We all remember the rallying cry of patriots during our War for Independence; “No taxation without representation!” For a very long time now, only the wealthiest, most influential Americans have been truly represented in Congress. The rest of us, like the revolutionary era colonists, are taxed without representation.

Each national poll taken in recent years, that measures the approval rate of Congress, has shown Americans to be completely fed up with their representatives. They are invariably in the single digits in approval rate at this point. And yet, in the last election, 96 percent of congressional incumbents were re-elected.


How do we explain such a mind-boggling dichotomy? Are American voters really that stupid, so willing to return to office the elected officials that they tell pollsters they overwhelmingly disapprove of? Or are the votes simply not being counted? As I covered extensively in my book Hidden History, we have strong reasons to doubt that the electoral system is honest, and that the vote totals actually reflect the will of the people….

When the Republicans took over the House in 1994 for the first time in forty years, they promised a number of reforms, popularized by the so-called Contract With America. One of those reforms was term limits, something we’ve desperately needed for a very long time. Republicans who ran expressly on a platform advocating strict term limits for Congress later rescinded their support, once they tasted the trappings of power, and the incomparable benefit package our representatives receive. George Nethercutt was only one of these, and despite supposedly infuriating the voters with his turnabout, he was easily re-elected to two more terms. Rep. Dan Benishek is a more recent hypocrite, breaking his vow to serve only three terms by announcing plans to run again in 2016. It is impossible to imagine that he won’t still be re-elected.

The Trans Pacific Partnership, the new monstrosity of a trade deal, which I covered in more depth in a recent blog entry, was approved for so-called “Fast Track” status by the U.S. Senate recently, by a vote of 62-38. “Fast Track” simply means an absence of debate, which was already reflected in the draconian measures taken to stop those voting on it from actually reading it. Here we had “liberal” President Barack Obama joining forces with Mitch McConnell and other Republican “opponents” to ram this odious bill through without any delay. House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise and Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions both refused to acknowledge whether they’d bothered to read the massive piece of legislation, but still declared that they were going to support their alleged “opponent” Obama’s request to fast track the deal, which doesn’t bode well for the House’s chances of blocking it.


Prominent Republican Senators Marco Rubio, John Boehner and Lindsey Graham also refused to reveal if they read the documents in the “secret room” of the Capitol basement, before nevertheless feeling comfortable in voting for it. Hillary Clinton has danced around the issue, and her campaign chief, longtime insider John Podesta, was caught privately telling donors, “Can you make it go away?” Considering Hillary’s career allegiance to the global establishment, and the fact the devastating NAFTA agreement was pushed through during her husband’s administration, it should be obvious just where she really stands.

Bernie Sanders, one of the TPP’s most high-profile opponents, wrote in The Guardian, “The TPP is simply the continuation of a failed approach to trade – an approach which benefits large multinational corporations and Wall Street, but which is a disaster for working families. The TPP must be defeated.”

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