WW3 Ukraine update: Minsk 11 broken by Kiev. Grad Rocket shelling by Ukraine forces .Fighting resumes in Donbass.

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Ukraine: Shelled Donetsk market left in smouldering ruins after huge blaze

Emergency services were on site to put out flames at a market in Donetsk Saturday, after heavy shelling caused an enormous fire in the building.

Ukraine: Donetsk residents in tears after shelling attack

Donetsk residents were seen in tears on Saturday following a fire that broke out after heavy shelling struck a market and three residential homes in the city.

‘Worrying trend’: OSCE Deputy Chief Monitor updates RT on Ukraine violence

Kiev has admitted to moving its big guns back to the frontline, contrary to the Minsk peace agreement. And says it has no plans to pull them back. The deputy chief of the OSCE mission in Ukraine, has told the UN Security Council that monitors are worried about the movement of heavy weapons. RT is joined by Alexander Hug, deputy chief of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine

E. Ukraine sees surge in violence amid fragile truce agreed in Minsk

Relative peace has returned to East Ukraine, however Kiev says it doesn’t intend to withdraw heavy artillery from the Donetsk area due to the escalation in the situation there. Earlier a town on the outskirts of the city saw some of the worst outbreaks of fighting since the ceasefire came into effect in February.

Ukraine: ‘Over 90 people injured in Donetsk shelling’- DPR’s Basurin

Eduard Basurin, the Deputy Defence Minister for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, accused Kiev of bombing civilian areas, in a press conference in Donetsk on Wednesday. The attacks occurred despite the implementation of the February 11 Minsk Agreement.

Ukraine: See intense tank Marinka warfare as Kiev, DNR/DPR forces continue fighting

Fighting broke out at the town of Marinka to the south-west of Donetsk, Wednesday. The footage shows artillery vehicles believed to belong to Kiev troops firing at self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR/DPR) forces.

Ukraine: Donetsk shelling casualties condemn Kiev’s actions from hospital beds

Civilians injured by recent shelling spoke out from their hospital beds in Donetsk, Thursday, to condemn about the artillery attacks at the hands of Kiev forces, with one local resident, Aleksandra, called Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko “scum.” She added her belief that he is not letting “the people of Donetsk just live their lives.”

Ukraine: OSCE inspect Telmanovo shelling site where child died

Officials from the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine were inspecting the town of Telmanovo, Friday, the place where a four-year-old boy was killed and four others injured as a result of shelling that occurred on Thursday night. Reports indicate that the young child was in a playground when the shelling began and was fatally struck by shrapnel from a shell.

Ukraine: Donetsk fire station damaged after heavy shelling

A fireman from the Kievskiy District of Donetsk showed the extent of damage the fire station received as a result of shelling in the area, Friday.


Ukraine: OSCE workers inspect shelling aftermath, alongside DNR’s Basurin

OSCE workers joined the Deputy Defence Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR/DPR) Eduard Basurin on Tuesday to inspect the aftermath of shelling, which damaged residential buildings in the Kirov District of Donetsk on Monday evening. Incoming artillery fire reportedly damaged two buildings, though according to the mayor’s office no casualties have been reported.