The 7-Year Cycle & THREE DIGIT SILVER in 2016

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from SGT

Silver & Gold analyst Bo Polny from Gold2020Forecast joins us to talk about the 252-year stock market cycle, which can be broken down into smaller 7-year cycles, all of which points to an epic collapse in 2016. Bo says, “The cycle IS the manipulation” of the markets that we so often talk about.

Bo’s unique and somewhat controversial approach to precious metals and market analysis is regularly shared at Silver Doctors, SGT report and other precious metals news websites.

In this interview Bo says his research indicates that the current 7-year cycle is coming to an end in the very near future, playing out in 2016. The result of the end of the current cycle will be a massive stock market crash and the reversal of gold and silver to much, much higher prices. In fact, Bo is the only pundit we know of who is specifically predicting three digit silver in 2016.

Bo says, “And now the cycle is about to turn… the next massive or big up leg is now set to begin… before the month of June is over a new breakout will be apparent.”