Terrorism and Color Revolutions to Divide and Conquer

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from Global Research: 

In the last decades, terrorism and so-called “color revolutions” have been used by the Western powers to topple leaders who were standing up to them and replace them with puppet governments. Although these tactics have been exposed, documented and used over and over, the mainstream media still portrays them for what they are not, thus ensuring their success. As you will see in the following articles published today, these deceptive strategies are still used by the same actors to divide and conquer.


Anti-ISIS Coalition Forces are the Target: US Warplanes Strike Iraqi Army Position, US Delivers Weapons to Terrorists, Fars News Agency, June 15, 2015

Fighter jets of the US-led coalition once again struck the Iraqi forces in the Western province of Anbar on Saturday.

The US-led coalition warplanes hit a position of the Iraqi army in Anbar province. The US has repeatedly struck the…


Obama Bombs Libya, Stephen Lendman, June 15, 2015

Attacking other nations directly or indirectly posing no threat to America is longstanding US policy. Obama is the latest in a long line of warrior US presidents. He exceeds the worst of his predecessors. He’s a war criminal multiple times…

USA Cuba

US Allocates ‘Democracy Funds’ for Cuba, Telesur, June 15, 2015

The US Committee on Appropriations approved on Friday US$30 million for “programs to promote democracy and strengthen civil society in Cuba, of which not less than US$8,000,000 shall be for NED,” as quoted from the committee report. The NED is…


Wanted: NGO Whistleblowers, Andrew Korybko, June 15, 2015

Intelligence-affiliated NGOs have become a major security risk to the sovereignty of multipolar states, and they can directly be blamed for assembling Color Revolutionary social infrastructure and managing its regime change logistics. After the first (post-Soviet) and second (‘Arab Spring’)…

Syrian army-Yabroud

Syrian Druze Fighting Israeli-backed Al Qaeda, Reme Sakr, June 15, 2015

The situation in Syria’s south seems to have turned for the worst in recent weeks, and at the heart of the south is Sweida Mountain (Jabal al-Arab or Jabal al-Druze), home to most of the region’s Druze people. After Jabhat…


ISIS Colonel Was Trained by Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years, Cassius Methyl, June 15, 2015

A former police commander from Tajikistan was featured in an ISIS video recently where he admitted he was trained by the U.S. State Department and former military contractor Blackwater all the way up until last year. At a Blackwater facility…

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