South African Lawyers want Egypt’s President Sisi Arrested. Where were they when Coptic Christians were being persecuted?

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by Katherine Frisk:

I have yet to hear of a single religious court conviction for Crimes Against Humanity for radical Muslim atrocities of any sort. Their living in their own glass bubble is a pristine example of how they don’t even view this as a PR problem…Jim W. Dean

In a recent article published in the Middle East Eye:

Attorney Yousha Tayoub, a member of the South African Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA), told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday:
“We believe al-Sisi committed war crimes and crimes against humanity for the horrendous killings that resulted from the [2013] coup in Egypt.”

In all legal matters, both sides of the story need to be carefully examined before reaching a one sided judgement. But apparently the South African Muslim Lawyers Association believes that they have right to pass judgement on the internal affairs of another country without presenting both sides of the argument.

Where was the South African Muslim Lawyers Association in 2013 and 2014 when the Muslim Brotherhood was terrorising Coptic Christians? Or are these acts not regarded by the South African Muslim Lawyers Association as crimes against humanity? In case they have forgotten here are some reminders:

Hundreds protest against Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood مظاهرات ضد الأخوان

Aug 24th – Hundreds of protesters gather at the memorial of the unknown soldier in the Cairo district of Medinet Nasr, demonstrating against the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. Military supporters, liberals, Coptic Christian organisations called for the rally, to voice their discontent at the performance of Brotherhood-affiliated Morsi and what they see as the monopolisation of power by the group which had been officially banned under former president Hosni Mubarak.

Proud Muslims raping Coptic Christians in Egypt in the daytime

Safwat Higazi threatens Egypt’s Copts [Eng. Subs]‫صفوت حجازي يهدد اقباط مصر

Safwat Higazi, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader, and a strong backer of President Morsi, makes an explicit threat to ‘spill the blood’ of Christian cops of Egypt if they back the opposition and bring Morsi down.


2014 Islamic Muslim Brotherhood hard-liners for 4 hours torture Christians

Egyptian Attacks During Christian Wedding Kills 4; State Holds The Muslim Brotherhood Responsible


Egypt : Muslim Brotherhood wants to religiously cleanse the Middle East of Christians (Aug 15, 2013)

The “Arab Spring”in Egypt like all “color revolutions” was funded by the USA, as they have funded so many other “color revolutions”around the world in order to install their preferred leaders. Egypt under Mubarak refused to send in the Egyptian army to help overthrow Asaad in Syria. Egypt was then treated to a “color revolution”funded by the USA in order to ensure a Muslim Brotherhood victory that would send the Egyptian army into Syria.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were going to hand over the Sinai to Hamas, a group which Ron Paul has publically stated was started by Mosaad.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were going to declare war on Ethiopia, which is a country that is 80% Orthodox Christian.


As “lawyers” one would presume that the South African Muslim Layers Association would have raised objections to the crimes against humanity by the Muslim Brotherhood against Coptic Christians, their intent to dismember the Sinai from Egypt, their intended invasion of Syria being a sovereign state and their intent to declare war against Ethiopia under the pretext of disagreements over water, which would have ended up being a war against a predominately Christian country, no doubt part of their determination to religiously cleanse both the Middle East and North Africa of all Christians. As extremist Muslim groups have destroyed the ancient heritage in Syria and Iraq, so they intend to destroy what has stood in Egypt for thousands of years and is part of the country’s  cultural heritage.

And for those who have forgotten, the Muslim Brotherhood has been banned from Egypt not only because Egypt’s Constitution like South Africa’s Constitution has a separation between Church and State and that governance is not defined by religious belief, but that Egyptians themselves, both Muslim and Coptic are against extremist Islam.  They have not forgotten the 1997 massacre of 62 innocent victims at the Luxor temple in Egypt when 6 Islamist militants attacked tourists with assault rifles and machetes. Of the people that died were three generations of one British family that included a 5 year old girl. Other victims included 36 Swiss tourists and 10 Japanese couples, many of them on their honeymoon. Also killed were 4 Egyptian guides, 4 Germans and 2 Colombians. Egypt has valid reasons for banning the Muslim Brotherhood and deposing Morsi.