It took China AND Russia together to crack Snowden’s NSA file codes

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from Jeff F Brown, 44 Days: 

In reference to the news that the Chinese and Russians cracked the NSA codes to get into Snowden’s files, it is probably true than neither China or Russia could crack them separately.


Here’s what I think happened. China’s Ministry of State Security and Russia’s FSB worked on them TOGETHER, to crack the files. Snowden never figured that they might combine forces, brains and super computers to get the job done.


Or, if Snowden is right that no one, not even MSS’s and FSB’s combined cyberskills can crack the encryption, then this is just another blasé, Western false flag, MSM psyop, to demonize Russia and China, enemies #1 and #1 in America’s ongoing imperial world war, and make no mistake, it is war by any other name.


If I had to wager between the two, I think Snowden is still right. The West uses false flags and psyops like an animal breathes air.

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