Genocide In Eastern Ukraine. Donbass, Donetsk, Gorlovka

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Graham Phillips – Direct from Donetsk

This is direct proof of GÉNOCIDE BEING COMMITTED right here and now in EUROPE being carried out by the regime in KIEV which is supported by the US and by the EU GOVERNMENTS – ACCORDING TO OR CONTRARY TO ORDERS ?

Ukrainian Shelling Kills 3 Women, Wounds 7-year-old-boy, 16-year-old girl

Special Reportage – Donetsk Airport – 12.06.2015

 from RT: 

Overnight Shelling: Residential areas in e. Ukraine come under fire again

There’s been overnight shelling in East Ukraine – in the town of Gorlovka. Three women have been killed and up to four children injured in the attack. RT’s Ilya Petrenko is in the region and has more details.

RAW: Clashes between DNR forces & Ukraine govt troops intensifies despite ceasefire

Anti-Kiev militias say Ukrainian government troops start yet another clash near Donetsk airport.