WW3 Middle East Update.

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Saudi jets target girls’ school in Yemen’s Sa’ada province

Civilian casualties are on the rise in Yemen as Saudi warplanes continue to pummel the impoverished nation despite calls by international aid agencies to halt the deadly campaign.

In the latest attacks, Saudi fighter jets targeted a school in Sa’ada province. Warplanes have also pounded a mosque, a government complex and a central market in Malahid directorate. The warplanes of the Kingdom bombed a house and Attan Mountain in the capital Sana’a as well. Earlier, Saudi airstrikes killed at least one Yemeni and wounded several in Hajjah province. More than four-thousand Yemenis, mostly women and children, have been killed since Riyadh started its aggression in late March.



UN censures ISIL destruction of Iraq cultural sites as “barbaric”

UN member states have condemned the destruction of Iraq’s cultural sites by ISIL terrorists as barbaric.

The member states, in a non-binding resolution, demanded the prosecution of perpetrators of cultural vandalism. They also called for measures to protect and track items of cultural heritage, warning that attacks on historic monuments may amount to war crimes. The resolution slaps a ban on the sale of antiquities from Syria, while a 10-year-old ban on those from Iraq remains in force. Meanwhile, the head of the UN cultural agency has hailed the adoption of the resolution as a turning point in the fight against cultural cleansing in Iraq.



Iraqi forces liberate Sayyid Ghareeb from ISIL terrorists

The Iraqi army, backed by volunteer forces, has liberated the strategic village of Sayyed Ghareeb in Salahuddin province from ISIL terrorists. In an interview with Press TV, the leader of a paramilitary group said the volunteers will continue their push toward Karma and Ramadi. Qais Khazali reiterated his group’s rejection of U-S intervention in the battle against ISIL in Iraq.



Two Baghdad hotels rocked by explosions, at least 10 killed

At least 10 people have been killed and 30 injured after car bombs blasts took place at two central Baghdad hotels. The apparently coordinated explosions targeted the five-star Cristal Grand Ishtar (formerly Sheraton) and Babylon hotels in the center of the Iraqi capital. READ MORE:http://on.rt.com/9wgt6u