What Consumers Should Know about Smart Meters

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by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist

When people talk about Smart Meters (SMs), often they just fumble around in most instances. One informed activist in Pennsylvania, Tom McCarey, was interviewed on an Allentown, PA, radio show the morning of April 30, 2015, and categorically laid out what’s going on with SMs.

Not only is dirty electricity involved with SMs in Pennsylvania—as elsewhere—but there also are dirty politics going on too.

For anyone concerned about SMs anywhere in the USA, or even globally, I think listening to Tom’s 20+ minute ‘dissertation’ about SMs, posted below, plus the ancillary problems that accompany them, should be of prime interest—particularly so as to become acquainted with background information that you may not know.

Here’s Tom McCarey of PASMA (Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness, an Ad Hoc Consumer SM Safety and Health Concerns Civics Committee), talking about Smart Meters on Radio WAEB Allentown, PA.

Maybe readers should think about bookmarking the above link for future reference, as one never knows when you may need it.

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