US fails to admit defeat in Syria policies: Analyst

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“No one in the military is under the illusion that training the Syrians will be a game-changer…it is just part of our overall plan.”

by Jim Dean, Press TV, via Veterans Today.com: 

Note: You can listen to the 3:45 minute interview on PTV here.

The following is a rough transcription.

Press TV: We have yet to see any insurgents that are even moderate. I mean the US keeps referring to them as moderates, we have seen insurgents that are cutting heads off. And then we see ones that what, maybe they don’t cut heads off, but they take these Kalashnikovs into these heavily residential areas, I mean that are populated heavily with women and children, and just indiscriminately fire on people that are not of their sect. Now you may call them moderate next to people like ISIL, but they are not really moderates, they are all just insurgents and terrorists in a nutshell. Your thoughts?


Dean: Well, we just have this foolishness continuing on. Our analysis here is that this continued training is just a try to put off the day of reckoning that the policy is a failure. And they want to keep these so-called moderate groups on the battlefield as some kind of Potemkin village, even when I read today this most incredible quote today [by a US military official]… that “No one in the military is under the illusion that training the Syrians will be a game-changer…it is just part of our overall plan.”

And the crazy thing about that [is] the overall plan has been a failure because the army is behind [President] Assad, the Syrian people know that they have to stand together because the Western countries are going to carve the country up in the spears of influence so they have nowhere to go. And these 4,500 insurgents they are going to train each year, I would probably say that half of them are going to desert, and probably half of them are go over to ISIL so that is why they have to keep training a new batch. This is just going to keep the killing going on… and you had Ashton Carter in the Congress today and he is just saying that we have to keep the pressure on to force Assad to make concessions. They don’t care how much suffering, how much killing goes on. They don’t feel any responsibility for that whatsoever.


Press TV: And then there is so much increasing support for trying to include the Syrian government in the peace talks. Why is the US so opposed to this idea; a diplomatic solution out of a crisis that has dragged on for four years and has claimed almost 200,000-250,000 lives thus far and…the West still stands adamant to overthrow the regime, when none of these opposition groups including even the most moderate, you might, have any experience in running a government. Your thoughts on that.


Dean: Well, we see stuff we have always seen in the past historically; these regimes they do not want to admit defeat, they do not want to admit that their policy was wrong. People in the Obama government are going to start resigning before the end of it, and move on and all try to pretend that everybody will forget that they were involved in this disastrous policy. And then whoever… they are going to pass this failed policy onto the next president. They are just trying to get through the rest of the Obama regime and just dump the problem onto someone else, like Bush dumped the horrible financial situation onto Obama when he came in.

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