Us and them – a study in hatred and love

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by Saker, The Saker.is: 

I am sitting in front of my computer watching the movie “The Burn” by Arkadii Mamontov about the may 2nd Odessa massacre.  The movie is very well made and I hope that somebody will subtitle it in English.  It shows a lot of video footage of the events which took place last years.  Scenes include the intercepted telephone calls of local Ukronazi leaders, the smiling faces of the young Ukrainian girls preparing Molotov cocktails, the applause from the crowd with the Ukronazi lynch mob approaches the square were the anti-Maidan demonstrators had their tents.  Two things particular amaze me: the absolutely burning hatred of the Ukronazis for the “separy” or “colorady” (the anti-Maidan Ukrainians) and the fact they they are all speaking in Russian!  Not a single word is uttered by these Russia-haters in their beloved Ukrainian language.

And I ask myself – are these Russians or not?

I suppose that it depends on the definition.  For me, a Russian is any person who loves, and care for, Russia.  It is not an ethnicity or a language, but a “civilizational realm”, just like there are an Indian or a Chinese civilizational realms.  By that criterion, these Ukronazis are not Russians.

In that logic, history is literally irrelevant.

Let’s imagine an imaginary people who lived for 5000 years on an island with no contact with the outside world.  And yet, one day, some of them, for whatever reason, decide to declare that they are a totally different nation, with nothing in common with the rest of the islanders.  They invent themselves a language, a history and some ersatz of a culture.  It is all utter nonsense, of course, and any historical investigation will reveal this fraud.  But even if all their founding myths completely contradict the historical record, even if their language is completely artificial and invented, and even if their entire claim to a separate identity is based on nothing, nothing at all, there is one thing which cannot be impugned, one thing which is undeniably real: their seething hatred for their own people, culture and history.  That hatred by itself does not need to be based on anything, it can appear ex nihilo and no amount of logical demonstrations will weaken it.

Superficially, one could look at the footage of the Odessa massacre and say that these were Russians killing Russians.  But this is a deeply misguided view.  Because of “russian-ness” or “being Russian” is something which originates in the soul and identity of a person, then you cannot be Russian and hate Russia.  Even if you come from 100 generations of “pure” Russians (whatever that means), you cease to be Russian the moment you being hating Russia.  You become a Russian-speaking Ukronazi.

There is also another crucial difference between Russians and Ukronazis.  You can watch any Russian TV show, read any article, watch thousands of hours of footage made in the streets of Novorussia or the Donbass and you will see the same thing over and over again: people moved by love.  Love of their country, love of their people, love of a socially just social order, love of the memory and examples of those who gave their lives in defense of freedom.

Che Guevara one wrote:”Let me say, with the risk of appearing ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love. It is impossible to think of an authentic revolutionary without this quality. This is perhaps one of the great dramas of a leader; he must combine an impassioned spirit with a cold mind and make painful decision without flinching. Our vanguard revolutionaries must idealise their love for the people, for the most hallowed causes, and make it one and indivisible. They cannot descend, with small doses of daily affection, to the terrain where ordinary men put their love into practice. ”  The Che wrote this about Cuba, but it very much applies to Novorussia today: the Novorussian revolution (that is what it is, of course, a revolution) is moved by love.

Compare that with the Nazi-occupied Ukraine I call “Banderastan”:

How do you burn cops who are ordered to stand and not fight back?
How do you gouge out the eyes of an already wounded cop?
How do you shoot your own demonstrators?
How do you betray every pledge you make?
How do you rejoice at the sight of people burned alive?
How do you take pride in shelling your own people, all civilians?
How do you voluntarily accept to be a foreigner’s puppet?
How do you massacre civilians who are all foreigners and who just happen to fly across your airspace?
How do you deprive your own people from basic necessities to fight an unwinnable war?
How do you spend all your time, day in and day out, lying, lying, lying and then lying some more?
How do you so sell – literally – your own country, people and culture to foreign vultures?

You do that when you are moved by a burning, raging, seething hatred.

But where does this hate come from?  Centuries of oppression and vicious russification?  Hardly, one cannot oppress for “centuries” something which was only born 100 years ago.  The famous “Holodomor”?!  Nope.  Every single nation of the Soviet Union did suffer terribly under the Soviet rule, not just the Ukrainians.  I would add that the historical record shows that the Ukrainians were over-represented in the Soviet political system and that they had it better, not worse, than the rest of the Soviet people.  So what is the cause of such hatred?

Could it be that deep inside themselves they know that they are a fraud?  That their national identity has no positive expression?  That Ukrainian identity is noting more than russophobia?  Can imagine how humiliating it must be for them to only score “victories” against unarmed civilians?  Or how it feels when you national Parliament declares that Russia is an “aggressor state” and Russia simply ignores this?  Or these nationalists feel when they look at the “score board” of the Ukrainian nationalist movement: the Ukrainian People’s Republic (1917) was a total disaster, as were the equally short-livedHetmanate and Directorate.  Then, after the usual Polish meddling, the “independent Ukraine” was finished.  It took the “independent Ukraine” only 5 years to end in total chaos by 1922.  It reemerged in 1991 as the richest ex-Soviet Republic.  This time it took the Ukrainians over 20 years to completely destroy all the immense human and material capital the Soviet Union had built: first came the “glorious” independence, followed by a no less “glorious” Orange Revolution and it all climaxed in an even more “glorious” Euro-Maidan.  Now the country is ruined, broken up into at least 5 regions (Crimea – gone, Donbass – gone, South, Central and West) ruled by local feudal lords.  Russia, in the meanwhile, has achieved an economic miracle and is probably in the process of achieving a second one, all while staring down the entire Western Empire.  Yeah, if I was an Ukronazi I would probably also hate Russia.

Banderastan today is a spiritual, intellectual and moral cesspool, filled with hatred, ignorance and envy.  Paradoxically, it is this dark and nasty nature which makes is so un-Russian, so truly alien to Russia and to the Russian people.  In a sad and tragic way, the Ukronazis have achieved their dream – they have created an anti-Russia, a polar opposite of the Russian civilizational realm.

What we are seeing today in the Donbass is similar to what happens when you mix matter and anti-matter, it is a clash of Russia with anti-Russia, and it results in an explosion which has already claimed many lives and which will claim many more before it is over.

It gives me no joy, no Schadenfreude, to see how ugly, nasty, vicious and depraved this rump-Ukraine has become.  When I think of Kiev, the “mother of all Russian cities” as it has been known since antiquity, occupied by Nazi freaks, I think of the words of the Scripture about the “abomination of desolation standing in the holy place” and I only feel an immense sadness.

I hope and pray that there will be enough love in Russia to overcome this hatred and that one day the Ukraine will recover her past identity and glory.  Yes, for the time being Darkness has really completely engulfed this land, but as long as the Donbass remains unconquered here is still hope.  As long as there is love and truth anywhere in the ex-Ukraine, the Nazis have not won.  I take immense solace in the fact that after over a year of hateful anti-Russian propaganda and after an endless series of ugly provocations, there *still* is no anti-Ukrainian hatred in Russia.  This fact, somehow unnoticed by most, is almost miraculous by itself.  The junta in Kiev has literally done everything conceivable to enrage Russia, and yet there are no anti-Ukrainian feelings in Russia at all.

It will take a lot of love and compassion from the Russian people to rescue whatever will be left of the Ukraine by the time the Nazis are fully defeated.  Nobody else will do it, least of all the EU or US, if only because they themselves suffer a sharp deficit of love or compassion.

Until that day comes, Russia will have to protect her people from the hateful maniacs which have taken over the Ukraine, and her soul from the contagion of hatred.  I believe that she can do it.

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