The Curious Case of Sitchin and the Annuanki. 

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The plethora of “conspiracy theory” stories surrounding the Sumerian Myths, Sitchin and the Annuanki has gained a considerable following on the Internet and in social media sites. But to what purpose and where does fantasy meet truth and propaganda meet political agendas? For those who are unaware of these stories here is a short breakdown.

A man called Sitchin translated the Sumerian tablets and came to the conclusion that a group of “Reptilian Aliens” landed on planet earth who were far more intelligent, far more advanced and far more cold-blooded than human beings. Through genetic engineering they combined their own genes with those of humanity in order to create for themselves compliant slaves specifically for the mining of gold.

The story has three main objectives.

1. We are still ruled by a superior race that is half reptilian half human and they are the chosen race.
2. Human beings are inferior and stupid and are the equivalent of cattle to be used for their benefit.
3. Resistance is futile, human beings are far too inferior to even begin to compete.

Do you feel helpless and sufficiently inadequate? Because that is the objective of this diatribe. However, if you are even remotely aware, alarm bells should be going off in your head, similarities floating to the surface and some dot connecting taking place.

Sitchin was a Jew. He grew up in Israel and worked as an editor and journalist before moving to New York in 1952. The Jews as we know, consider themselves to be the “chosen” people, that all non Jews are Goyim, basically regarded as cattle for their benefit and the tribe of Judah during “captivity,” absorbed many Sumerian beliefs and adopted many of their texts. The celebration of Purim being one example. Whether these people were a “captive” tribe from Israel or Sumerians who adopted Israeli tribal history in order to give themselves the right and the title deeds to Canaan is anybodies guess. It is most probably a bit of both.

At the root of these stories of racial supremacy and hegemonic dominance lies an ancient feud between the East, Sumeria and the West, Egypt. Sumeria is regarded as the “cradle of civilisation.” But is it?

For most of Egypt’s history, the country was predominately Nubian, ie Black African. Over the centuries from the Hyksos invasions 3,000 years ago, the Assyrian invasions, the Greek Empire and later the Roman Empire, many Egyptians fled south to escape these invasions while the northern part of Egypt gradually took on a more Semitic racial dominance.

In Jewish culture black people are regarded as being cursed, because Noah cursed Canaan. What is always ignored is that Noah did not curse Ham, Mizraim, Cush or Punt. Canaan was the father of the Canaanites, present day Israel, a Semitic group of people not black. Tamar the wife of Judah, was a prostitute from the tribe of Canaan. Judah’s sons spilled their seed on the ground because of her blood line and her profession. God apparently killed them because of this, but in all likelihood Tamar bumped them off herself. Tamar then tricked Judah into marrying her and gave birth to Perez and Zerah.

Egypt, known as Mizraim in ancient times, was far older than our accepted historical records will admit. In fact, Mizraim could be far older than Sumeria itself and the cradle of civilisation being to the West along the Nile River as opposed to the East along the Euphrates River. The date of the Pyramids is still unknown as is their true purpose and the water marks on the Sphinx suggest that the Sphinx has been there for at least 50,000 years when the area around present day Cairo received high rainfall and was a virtual swamp.

Egypt for a large part of its history extended from the Nile to the Euphrates River and Canaan was a vassal state of the Egyptian Empire. Many texts in the Hebrew Bible have been copied from Egyptian texts, the Ten Commandments, Proverbs, Psalms and the stories of Solomon being some examples. There is no archaeological evidence of the “first temple”being built in Jerusalem, only the second which appears to be a Babylonian replica from the time of the Jewish “captivity.”

So what baring does this have in the 21st century and what relevance is it to Sitchin and the Annunaki? Quite simply propaganda and along with it the attempt to obfuscate and cloud not only the extensive influence of Nubian Egyptians on ancient Hebrew history but also to implant in the minds of the public a myth of their own inferiority and slave status to a small tribe of Israel, being Judah known as the Jews, to the exclusion not only of the other eleven tribes of Israel, but to the whole of humanity as well.

Sitchin was a fake and so is everything else along with the Reptilian Annunaki.