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by SGT, SGT Report.com:

Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics and SGT Report contributor Rory join me to discuss the very suspicious and still unexplained sudden death of Dave Goldberg, the husband of Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg. According to many, Facebook is closely tied to the NSA. So how did Goldberg die from a run on a treadmill during vacation? Was it a hit? The NSA is finally coming under public, political and LEGAL pressure for its litany of crimes against the people. Today in fact, A federal appeals court ruled that the telephone metadata collection program, under which the NSA gathers up millions of phone records OF AMERICANS on an ongoing daily basis, is illegal under the Patriot Act, which the NSA has been using as “legal grounds” for its unconstitutional spying. Truth is stranger than fiction, so we want to know what really happened to 47-year old Goldberg. We also discuss silver and Dave Kranzler’s prediction that the white metal will be the best performing asset of 2015, and much much more. Join us for this dynamic conversation as we go behind the headlines to seek the truth.