Moscow warns Kiev against attempts to disrupt Minsk Accords

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Ukrainian forces had violated the ceasefire 70 times over the previous 24 hours

[Editor’s note: The EURO Maidan Kiev coup was planned to take place during the Sochi Olympics and turned the world’s attention away from this highly successful event towards the American sponsored and engineered revolution in Western Ukraine thanks to the likes of Victoria Nuland and Joe Biden. The upcoming 70th anniversary of the allied victory over Nazi Germany taking place in Moscow would be perfectly disrupted by a Kiev assault on Donbass in Eastern Ukraine. That’s how these madmen roll. Brace yourself Givi and Motorola!]

from Veterans Today.com: 

MOSCOW, May 6. /TASS/. Wednesday’s meeting of the Contact Group of OSCE, Russian, Ukrainian and Donetsk and Luhansk envoys is proceeding against the background of a situation in Donbas that Russian experts have described as “brinkmanship fraught with the resumption of full-scale hostilities.” The tensions in the region may turn from bad to worse in the near future.On Monday, the self-proclaimed Donetsk republic’s defense ministry said the Ukrainian forces had violated the ceasefire 70 times over the previous 24 hours. The republic suspects that this is part of preparations for the resumption of full-scale combat operations.

Kiev’s military activity ahead of the Contact Group’s meeting is a clear sign of the wish to disrupt the Minsk Accords, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. He believes that “any attempts by Kiev to resume combat operations would be a colossal, tragic mistake.”

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