ISIS’ New “Hammer,” Zahran Aloosh

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Syrian Warlord and muscle behind the Islamic State

by Gordon Duff, Veterans Today.com

American’s haven’t heard about the real military commander of ISIS, Zahran Aloosh.  His 20,000 man force moves in and out of Turkey at will, gets their vehicles serviced, their tanks repaired, all funded by Saudi Arabia and fully supported by the United States.

This is the man sworn to kill every Christian in the Middle East, Senator John McCain’s friend.  This is also someone, who you can see, has no worries about drone strikes or “coalition” bombing raids.  His armored force is easily found, all communications “in the clear” and his every move more than watched, supported as well.

He is the military heart of ISIS and a knife at the throat of every Christian, every Shiite and the West as well.  If the US suffers a devastating terror attack, it will be his doing.  After all, Zahran Aloosh is supported by the cabal most agree was behind 9/11.

This is the hero of the real neocons, Netanyahu’s man, the man who can guarantee a generation of war and the man personally chosen by Saudi Arabia and Israel to be the next President of Syria.

This is also a man sworn to create a terrorist state nestled between the loving arms of his friends, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia, that spans from Pakistan to Morocco.


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