If it was not so tragic you could laugh! Insane-McCain urges Obama to take military action against FIFA

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[Editor’s note: I had NO IDEA that the USA hated Football so much, and Russia and Palestine. USA ranks 28th below Russia. And Israel who is about to be kicked out because of human rights violations against the Palestinians, ranks 46] 

“We must make FIFA taste the vengeful might and fury of the United States military.”

from Press TV: 

Republican Senator John McCain has called on US President Barack Obama to launch a military action against the football’s world governing body to “dismantle and destroy FIFA once and for all.”

“These are people who only understand one thing: force,” The New Yorkerquoted McCain as saying in the Senate on Thursday.

“We must make FIFA taste the vengeful might and fury of the United States military,” he said.

McCain described the Obama administration’s actions against FIFA as “weak and ineffective.”

He also denounced the Department of Justice’s arrests of several top FIFA lieutenants this week, describing the action as “the kind of Band-Aid solution that this administration, sadly, has become famous for.”

On Wednesday, police in Switzerland complied with a US request and arrested nine top FIFA officials to investigate decades of alleged bribe-taking and backroom deals.

The US Justice Department brought an indictment against nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives on charges including racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering.

According to the indictment, $150 million were paid in “bribes and kickbacks” to obtain media and marketing rights to international tournaments.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter

Just a day before the indictments, Senator Robert Menendez and McCain wrote a letter and called on FIFA Congress to fire its president, Sepp Blatter, and elect one who would be able to undo the Blatter-led decision to award the 2018 tournament to Russia.

“By allowing Russia to host the tournament , FIFA would offer an economic lifeline to the (Russian President Vladimir) Putin regime in contravention of the multilateral sanctions that have been imposed by the international community,” wrote the two Republican senators.

FIFA is holding leadership elections on Friday, and President Blatter is expected to win a fifth term at the top.

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