EMF — Knowledge is Power… What You DON’T Know, Can Kill You

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by Willie Groper, SGT 

Let me state my intent right off the bat. It’s to help folks from experiencing grief, medical bills and educate from my personal experience and also taken from others journey’s.  It is in no way intended as advice, medical or otherwise. This information is for research purposes applied to your particular situation. It is intended to keep you from wasting your time, resources and alleviating the need to reinvent the wheel. It is intended to help you sectionalize and isolate issues you may not be aware of due to EMF exposure.

                          EMF                                                                 EMF
        /                 |            \               \                                              |
Nutrition       Illness    Medical    Death                                 Smart Meters
                                                                                                Cell Phones
                                                                                                Cordless Phones-DECT 6.0 Deadly
                                                                                                Microwave Ovens
                                                                                                All emit biologically damaging
                                                                                                electromagnetic frequency
Dirty Electricity
            |                                                                                        Smart Homes/Appliances
Transformers e.g. Power supply for electronics                                                |
CFL Light Bulbs                                                                                        Dumb Idea
Motors (especially variable speed)                        

Do not think anything such as muscle twitches as insignificant. You may find they are synchronized with digital pulse modulation as are many other maladies.

Do an antenna search on your home and have it measured with an RF analyzer. If need be, build a faraday cage for your sleeping quarters for immediate mitigation.

Get rid of the above mentioned items. Get your house wired for ethernet and get corded phones.

I know it’s going backward and inconvenient. Do you want to pay now or a much higher price later?
YouTube Videos with more in depth info.

Health Problems with Smart Meters – Reading Smart Gas and Electric Meters

Health Problems with Smart Meters, Jay, Oklahoma – The Meter Man – Joe Esposito

Medical References
About Dr. Jack Kruse    Read his bio then pick your malady from his blog tab.

Dr. Joel Wallach. Good products. Won a lawsuit with the FDA…no easy feat. Many of our medical maladies are as engineered as the FED.

Suggested reading especially if you’re in a pinch medically you can search your symptoms.
Personally, I like to have this material in book form as opposed to an EBook. What happens if you lose power?
Dead Doctors Don’t Lie & Epigenetics by Dr. Joel Wallach
Minerals for the Genetic Code by Charles Walters, the epilog will gobsmack you!
Minerals are positively and negatively charged which your body requires in the right ratios for night time regeneration/healing of cells.
The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow, co-written by Dr. David Brownstein  (thyroid, reproductive, men & women)   As a note, one person mentioned a drop of iodine. In this material, you will find how selenium, sea salt and co-factors are necessary for uptake.  There is an inaccurate skin test, you can look this up too. To get a proper measurement, you need an iodine loading test. Bromine, now in bread and BVO in soft drinks displace iodine and you must displace the bad halogen first then replace with the good halogen-iodine.
The Magnesium Factor by Mildred Seelig and Andrea Rosanoff
Chemistry of Man by Bernard Jensen
Since the 1930’s the Department of Agriculture deemed our soil mineral depleted. You can look this up.
Even if you’re buying organic, you still may not be getting the nutrients necessary to maintain health and prevent disease. EMF destroys the soil microorganisms necessary for crops. Add to this what the EMF toxic soup we live in and cannot outrun, what’s depleting our bodies stores and you get the picture of a perfect storm.

I cannot express the importance of vitamin D. It’s the top of the pyramid. Below that is Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium. The benchmark for D is between 35-100. I can tell from experience (3 times) when I became deficient, I began having neurological symptoms akin to Parkinson’s of which my mother died from. Once sufficient, good to go.

My wishes for all is to live free, long and happy.
Best to all,

In Loving Memory of Bryce.

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