Another “colour revolution” funded by: Soros Foundation members among 20,000-strong anti-govt rally in Macedonia

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from IN THE NOW: 

In Macedonia, tens of thousands rallied against the government over the weekend. Police were deployed to the scene, but there was no violence, the rally was peaceful. It comes after a string of recordings was released by the opposition. The latest leak apparently implicates the government with vote-rigging and cover-up of a murder. Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski denies the allegations. It’s not just ordinary people who gathered there, but members of foreign NGOs, including the Open Democracy Foundation by George Soros. The number one thing it ensures is that the government always looks west and doesn’t drop its plans to join the EU. It also encourages people to be more engaged in politics. Joaquin Flores, political analyst specializing in the Balkans is In the Now.