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by Joseph P Farrell, Giza Death

For a few years, after I became aware of the GMO issue and the potential dangers it poses not only for the long-term human food supply, and human health, and even, the health of science itself, I have been offering the hypothesis that the BRICSA nations might inevitably make the GMO a geopolitical issue, in a kind of reversal of the corporate strategy that western agribusiness giants like I.G. Farbensanto, Sycrudda, and so on, have pursued at the beck and call of their globaloney masters. That strategy, to put it succinctly, has been to gain control of the world’s food supply by replacing natural “heirloom” seeds with far more expensive genetically engineered seeds that are protected under patent law. By seeking to supplant such heirloom seeds with their creations, these planners have sought to control the very issues of life itself over a vast amount of the global population. Food, via the GMO, has been weaponized, so to speak. In response to this “GMO geopolitics,” I have suggested that eventually the BRICSA nations might seek to make non-GMO seeds and easy access to them a “human rights issue” in a kind of reverse GMo gopolitics, a suggestion that has taken on a particular piquancy given the efforts of IG Farbensanto to quash opposition in the Hawaiian county of Maui.

Now, it seems, there is more confirmation of the view that GMO geopolitics is in full swing; consider this article shared by Ms. M.W.:

Monsanto is Buying Lands

The logic outlined by Mr. Platov, author of the above article, is clear: (1) The Ukraine has no developed set of laws concerning land or land use, (2) It is in the middle of a financial crisis, and needs money (3) land is cheap. Enter, as Mr. Platov indicates, western agribusiness giants like Mon(ster)santo.

It is a perfect location to play GMO geopolitics, and that, indeed, is what appears to be taking place. Recall only that Russia has made numerous statements to the effect that it intends to conduct long term studies of the effects of GMOs on the environment and human health, and that certain GMO products have already been heavily regulated, and you get the idea; The Ukraine is perfectly situated to be the hub to spread GMOs westward into Europe and eastward into Russia. And, as Mr. platov also forcefully argues, the buying of cheap land, not only in The Ukraine but in Africa for the purposes of agricultural production is the newest round of western colonialism. Add to this the use of patent law, and patented plants, and a further layer of corporate-colonialism is added to the equation. As I pointed out a couple of years ago, the agribusiness giants had acquired port facilities for the Ukraine; now, their seeds have come home to sprout, and there is little to prevent it, since it is their land.

This brings the geopolitical issue home to roost, and with a vengeance, for with US agribusiness giants like Mon(ster)santo committing heavy financial resources to the Ukraine, American military commitments – if they are not already there – will soon follow.

And there, too, the BRICSA nations have a golden opportunity in the form of the propaganda value that such action entails, for how – in the final analysis – does one justify, or defend, the commitment of military resources to protect and defend a corporation’s ‘rights” to tinker with, and potentially pollute the environment and poison the food supply?

Now you know why I call the whole enterprise of GMOs and the devious and heavy-handed mercantilist tactics used by the corporations pushing them and to defend them, “IG Farbensanto”. They, and their tactics, from Maui to Maidan, deserve nothing but disdain, and disgust.

See you on the flip side…

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