The Anti-Christ Rising. More evidence

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by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser.com:

I recently wrote two articles in which I laid out the political and religious motivations behind the war in the Middle East and in Ukraine and how in both areas we see evidence of an Anti-Christ movement.

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see: Holocaust of Orthodox Christians in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Anti-Christ on the rise.

You have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to realize that this is a crusade against Orthodox Christians under the guise of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIL in the Middle East and the Right Wing Sector Nazis in Ukraine who are funded and paid for by Jewish Zionists. It is an old story, it is a story that is 2,000 years old and began when the High Priest Caiaphas in Jerusalem shook hands with Pontius Pilate, the Essenes of which Jesus was a member, the Teachers of Righteousness, were crucified in more numbers than history has recorded. And history is not written by the crucified.

see: From Anarchy to degeneration- Imposing External Law.Christianity. Extract Two. Part Six: The Path Of The Masters

Rome and Judea passed away and fell into decline until 1,000 years ago when they began to return to the world stage, starting with the Cathar Crusade in the Languedoc as well as the Fourth Crusade against Constantinople. The Vatican is not Christian and the Zionists are not Israel. And never have been. The Vatican has murdered millions and the Zionists have been complicit is murdering Torah Jews who do not support Zionism. Many of the people who ran the camps during WW2 were Jews. Many of the people who killed Orthodox Christian Slavs in Croatia were Jesuit priests. Poland before WW2 was a Protestant county, by the end of WW2 Catholics were in the majority. So ask yourself, where did all the Protestants go?

see: From Anarchy to degeneration- Imposing External Law. Cathari. Extract Two. Part Six: The Path Of The Masters

For those already frothing at the mouth at the mere mention of Freemasons, there is a big difference between a real Freemason and the Illuminati who were created by, get this…. a Jew who was a Jesuit, in order to counteract the political, economic and social foundations set by the Freemasons in the USA. The Illuminati, also known as the P2 Lodge as well as “The Mafia,” were created by adopting many Masonic symbols and initiations in order to infiltrate the Masons and in the higher degrees bring them under Vatican, Zionist or Muslim Brotherhood control. People still regard the Freemasons and the Illuminati as one and the same, even many Freemasons who join lodges are unaware that the lodge they have joined is actually run by the Illuminati.

The music industry has also taken Masonic symbols , incorporated them into pop culture and demonized them, turning what once was a highly ethical group of people into a group of Satanists, Devil worshippers and child molesters. It is an old trick. The Inquisition used the same propaganda in order to justify The Roman Catholic Church burning millions of innocent people at the stake who were unjustly accused of being witches and devil worshipers, this while the Vatican is a cess-pitt of pedophilia run by Nazi, Jesuit, corporate fascists.

Consider the fact that the Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were Freemasons and that this is this very Constitution and Bill of Rights that the Illuminati have set out to destroy today. No Freemason worth his salt is a Zionist, a Papist or Wahabi/ISIL/Muslin Brotherhood mercenary. And if they claim to be, or support any of these three institutions, then they are not a Freemason by any standard.

The Jesuit Pope Francis, has recently expressed “sorrow”about the Orthodox Armenian Genocide 100 years ago. He is duplicitous. Victoria Nuland and her gang of Zionist/ Nazi thugs intend to achieve the same aims they have in Ukraine and bring Armenia into the neo-liberal NATO fold, the second arm is to bring the Orthodox Armenian Church under the control of Rome. If they do not achieve their aims by willing compliance, you can be sure that Armenia is now in the cross hairs of yet another civil war and the genocide that goes with it. ISIL/ Wahabi/ Muslim “rebels”will most probably invade the country from Turkey, Georgia and  Azerbaijan, funded by Saudi Arbia, Qatar and Turkey, supported by Israel and trained by the CIA. What color will they call this “revolution?” And will there be umbrellas? The repetitiveness of the narrative has now become more than predictable.

Today this story popped up in my research. The horror of it does not surprise me. It is the same story. It has always been so. From The Saker.is:

“Friends, you want to very carefully consider whether you want to press the button and watch this video or not. It is sickening: it shows a  Ukronazi deathsquad crucifying and burning alive a “separatist”. Also, while the authenticity of this video cannot be 100% confirmed, the Russian TV channel LifeNews has confirmed its authenticity. LifeNews is a rather sensationalist outlet and I would not necessarily trust it). The video will probably be removed by YouTube very soon, so if you do decide to watch it – do it now (it has been subtitled by Kazzura)”