American Elections: A Global Death Threat

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by Gordon Duff, NEO.org

This week in a secret meeting of global “fixers,” sometimes called the “Secret Shadow Government” or the “Khazarian Mafia,” Ohio Governor John Kasich, a virtual unknown, was chosen to join “the least of all Bushes,” former Florida governor Jeb Bush, to be appointed to run the US after a rigged presidential election scheduled for 2016.

Leading the Planet to Armageddon

War is coming, everyone sees it but few understand how much events are controlled by American elections. A reality of the 20th century is that a Republican/GOP presidential win can only be achieved through rigging an election. Only 30% of Americans see themselves as “conservative” or “Republican.”

It is America’s Republican Party, the party of Nixon/Reagan/Bush and McCain that is pushing for war with Russia, even at the risk of branding America a rogue dictatorship.

What America doesn’t see, that the rest of the world increasingly is focused on, is that the things America does; drones, torture, backing terrorist factions, arming criminal regimes, bombing and murdering at will, has made America a less than desirable friend, ally or even trading partner.

American Elections: A Global Death Threat

GOP control of the congress was achieved by mob money flooding the electoral system and even then, the GOP took control of the House with only 37% of the vote. America’s elections are among the most crooked in the world. In most American elections, candidates run virtually unopposed. There is really no two party system. 90% of office holders in America are chosen at private meetings of wealthy powerbrokers with rigged elections a humorous formality.

Candidates that choose to mount real opposition in rigged elections have their families threatened or are murdered. Ross Perot gave up an assured presidency to save his family. Both Al Gore and John Kerry walked away from wins in presidential elections due to threats against their families.

In 1981, 69 days after taking office, President Ronald Regan was shot and wounded by the son of one of Vice President George H.W. Bush’s business partners.

8 years later, Vice President Bush was the only senior member of the Reagan administration not convicted of a felony or facing indictment.

Joke Elections

Though armed thugs are still used to threaten voters in the American South, most states either use simple computer hacks to “flip” votes. We will be discussing this process more later.

The mechanism for election rigging, once simply ballot box stuffing has now turned to hacking, bribery, police state voter suppression and even murder. After all, the stakes are high, whoever wins is able to use the largest military force in the history of the planet as a personal revenge squad. Can anyone question that this is exactly how the American military has and is being used?

Death in Ohio

Recent moves here in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war. Governor John Kasich, elected though massive election fraud financed by gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, has been offered the position of Vice President under Jeb Bush in the upcoming 2016 election.

There is a fear that Jeb Bush’s ties to recently indicted Senator Bob Menendez and an $8 billion defense fraud may come to light. Between this and Jeb’s long history of money laundering for Colombian drug cartels through Bush family owned Texas Commerce Bank, Kasich may well be pushed into the presidency.

Kasich is the “creature” of Adelson and Netanyahu and a Kasich presidency would hand America’s nuclear arsenal to organized crime.

A Bush Kasich ticket, both fiscal extremists with broad “police state” agendas, both dedicated to dismembering worker’s and investor’s rights, could only maintain political control of the US during a wartime. Oligarchical rule, which they represent, requires a national disaster and a new enemy. Russia is the “flavor of the month” and war over an incident tied to a Baltic State or Ukraine is already rumored to be in the planning.

2000 and 2004

George W. Bush was gained the presidency twice though controlling Ohio, a state notorious for organized crime control of voting. When a “weak link,” GOP election fixer, Mike Connell agreed to testify against Bush, Cheney and Rove for election rigging, he was murdered.

From a Free Press story by investigative journalist Bob Fitrakis:

Michael Connell, the Bush family and Karl Rove’s IT guru, was heading home from Washington D.C. to attend his company’s Christmas party on Friday, December 19th in 2008. An accomplished pilot, he was flying from the College Park, Maryland airport to the Akron-Canton airport in Ohio under unremarkable weather conditions. Yet his Piper Saratoga plane suddenly dove to the ground between two houses in an upscale neighborhood, when he was just 2.5 miles from the airport. The site was roped off, cleaned up within two hours at night against protocol, and the next day his wife found his omniscient Blackberry missing from his still intact knapsack.”

Connell had just asked for protection claiming his life was threatened by White House advisor Karl Rove. A grand jury was prepared to begin a process that would not only overturn a presidential election, it would also nullify the balance of the Supreme Court, which would lead to redressing a series of bizarre decisions legalizing torture, election fraud, kidnapping and murder. From the Free Press:

“The Free Press has uncovered crucial documents that shed light on Connell’s mysterious death as the fifth anniversary of his tragic accident approaches. The document reveals that then-Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell had signed a legal Statement of Work (SOW) contract with Connell for IT work on the infamous Election Night 2004, when Kerry unexpectedly lost when exit polls showed him winning. Connell and Blackwell agreed fourteen months prior to the 2004 election that that Connell would have “remote monitoring capabilities” to the computer counting Ohio’s presidential vote. That means Blackwell planned more than a year in advance for Connell’s private partisan external third party company and a subcontractor to have unfettered secret access to Ohio’s 2004 vote tally.”

How Votes are Hacked

The newly discovered contract contains an “Exhibit B” which called for a “mirror” website to handle Ohio’s 2004 actual vote count on Election Night provided by Connell’s company, GovTech. The document stated: “GovTech shall install and host (as set forth in Exhibit B) a Mirror site of the Application to provide a fail over solution in the event of failure of the primary installation on Election Day.”

This “hot rollover configuration,” as the document explained, “can completely re-point the site if the primary site should fail by using some remote monitoring capabilities.” And that’s exactly what happened at 11:13pm when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was up three points over Republican incumbent George W. Bush.

The mechanism Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell and Karl Rove, believed by many to have ordered the assassination of McConnell, put into place is now controlled by Adelson and Kasich. The “insider” meeting that has married Kasich to Bush has put “the fix” in place in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, typically enough to overcome even a landslide margin against a mob chosen candidate. From the Free Press:

Ohio’s 2004 votes were outsourced to Smartech in Chattanooga, Tennessee, owned by right-wing evangelical publisher Jeff Averbeck, subcontracted by Connell. The vote count inexplicably flipped at 12:21am changing from Kerry winning by over 3 percentage points to Bush winning by over 3 percentage points. Overall, there was an unexplainable rapid 6.7% shift in the vote count.”

This week, President Obama met with Cuba’s leader, Raoul Castro, a dramatic move on the heels of the shaky Iran nuclear settlement. The race Obama is engaged in is one to “undo” as much of the remaining global damage of the neocon extremists of the Bush presidency as possible during his remaining time in office.

He has nothing to lose. The initial goals are these:

  • Iran: Reposition Iran as an American commercial partner. Behind this, Obama’s other strategy is for Iran to offset the Saudi-Israeli nexus, these two nuclear powers (confirmed by the IAEA), one functioning in the Middle Ages, the other a reflection of all the worst aspects of Nazi Germany.
  • Egypt: Strange as it sounds, the US would see success in Egypt if that nation renewed its Cold War balancing act between Russia and the US. Saudi cash and Israeli security services have permeated every aspect of Egyptian political life rendering that nation with its huge population a “failed state.”
  • Syria: Obama now has to secure the survival of the Assad government. However, divides within Syria itself and its longtime relationship with the Soviet Union/Russia has left it virtually helpless when it comes to the intricacies of geopolitical affairs. The blend of French culture and Cold War isolationism has left Syria, a nation poised for significant progressive strides, targeted for destruction.
  • Cuba: In restoring Cuba as a trading partner, the US gains needed credibility in Latin America and around the world. Cuba has long been respected as a success story, once the sweat shop and whore house of America, after over five decades stable and, despite much propaganda to the contrary, much closer to a liberal democracy than Britain or Canada.
  • Nigeria: Africa’s most populace state and certainly the most failed state economically is also Africa’s most targeted state, even more than Kenya if that is possible. Soon to be President Buhari is Obama’s last hope for stabilizing West Africa against the French-Saudi-Israeli nexus that supports ISIS-Boko Harum and Al Shabab. His predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, immediately after being elected, was told to do what he was told or his own protection detail would assassinate him. After 4 years, all oil revenue had been stolen and the country was in the middle of a civil war.
  • The EU: The real “failed state” is the EU. Despite tough talk, EU states continue to cut defense budgets. The US believes that all that can hold the EU together is NATO and a new Cold War. There is no hope for the EU, facing plunging standards of living and political disintegration. The “sockpuppet EU/NATO” is trying to crawl onto the world stage as a major player in a theatrical “light v. dark” stage play that nobody is buying tickets to.

Questions of World Security

The world, whether some choose to admit to it or not, is looking at Israel and its nuclear arsenal. For some time now, Netanyahu has increasingly taken on the guise of something a bit beyond simply unstable. Even his own security services want him “put down” like a rabid dog.

Yet, compared to Jeb Bush or John Kasich, Netanyahu could well be Gandhi. With an American political system crippled not only by the “usual,” a bizarre thing called the “electoral college” and the newer offense, “Citizens United,” legalizing bribery on an epic scale, inexorable conclusions are avoided by most:

  • America’s political system is incapable of electing a real leader of any type. Even the “cardboard Lotharios” are second rate. Colorless placeholders like Romney and McCain glow in comparison to Jeb Bush and Kasich.
  • America’s political dynasties, a collection of pedophiles, Freemasons and bipolar types, nowadays plays little more than “second fiddle” to the “Khazarian Mob,” composed of an even sadder collection of petty delusional types.

What has to be accepted, undeniable in any sense, is that poverty, ignorance, human suffering and planetary devastation has become the political “brass ring.” Equally undeniable is the threat the United States poses to the world, leaderless, adrift, subject to any malevolent whim.

Perhaps it’s time America accepts that to millions, in most cases, the best informed, most caring and generous, the idea of waking up one morning finding America charred to a cinder, would be something easily overcome.

America used up its last rallying cry after 9/11. The next time America is “wounded,” it is likely that more than a few will consider simply putting America out of her misery.
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