Year of the Goat. Power, corruption, high priests and prophets.

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by Katherine Frisk, via The Phaser.com


Jim Willie, in an interview some time ago, made the remark that for the last 70 odd years or so, the sleeping giant, the Chinese, have been meditating. Strange analogy but it got me thinking.

It reminded me of Yoda and the wise men, those prophets and seers who are the real deal, who know when not to swim against the tide of effluvium that engulfs the world, but instead retire to caves somewhere for the duration of the storm. Like all things, this too has a season and when the time is right this tide too will descend into it’s natural state of autumn and decay. The process has played out over and over again throughout the eons.

The wise do not waste their energy against this predictable cycle of time. Instead when the winter of our discontent follows on from a heady hot summer, they retire to a quiet place, watch, test the air and wait for the wind to change direction. When it does, they are ready and prepared to take action with the seeds of new thoughts, ideas and a well spring of enthusiasm to embrace the new age. These reluctant messiahs will emerge and convert what once were considered to be illusions, into reality.

In time, when the students are ready, they will come upon these masters and heed the call to action. And young padi wans will raise their anti gravity Chevy 1964s from out of the bogs of the levy with a flick of a thought. Fresh apple pies will be prepared for the oven, the aroma reminding us of what once was home so long ago.

This is the cycle of life told in every story since time immoral. In the film, The Men Who Stare At Goats, we see a blueprint of this script. The real deal, the Jedi Warriors, are slowly but surely infiltrated by Larry Hooper who is on the dark side, the pretender, the liar, who eventually takes total control over the New Earth Army and turns it into a Daarth Vader paradise of very Dull As mud proportions.

Larry becomes the High Priest who holds the keys to the kingdom. The Caiaphas of his time in his temple, he shuts and locks the doors so that others may not enter, and he cannot and does not enter himself. Instead he flatters himself with his robotic minions paying homage to his self proclaimed importance. But he is a false reflection in a mirror of his own making, and he knows it. A talentless, fake squib.

The men who stare at goats meanwhile, have disappeared, gone underground and wait, like Yoda in his cave, until that warm breeze wafts through the air and they know the change has come. It is time to free goats and men from imprisonment, from the chains of the pretenders throne.

I sat under the trees in a garden the other day and a warm breeze from the sea swept around me like a cloak. I believe the time has arrived. Fasten seat belt, put on hard hat… it is going to be a bumpy but very exhilarating ride and when we reach our destination, the whole gang will be there for a celebration. Frodo, Ghandalf, Luke, Yoda, Obi One, Django… but, between then and now, fear not!

Fear leads to … you know the drill!



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