Victoria Nuland and the ‘not-so-fine’ Art of Propaganda

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by Richard Edmonson, via Fig Trees and Vineyards

Last week I put up a post entitled America’s ‘Kagans’ Push for War with Russia, which delved into Victoria Nuland’s family ties (she is married to Jewish neocon Robert Kagan) as well as the origins of the word “kagan.” In the Khazar kingdom of some 12 centuries ago, I noted, the royal head-of-state was referred to not as a “King,” but rather as the “Kagan,” and as I mentioned we certainly seem to have our own ruling class of “Kagans” who hold power in America today.

Moreover, it would seem these Kagans are clear masters of propaganda. In the article below, Robert Parry dissects and analyzes the propaganda methods and tactics they employ, including always portraying the other side as “the epitome of evil.” The “other side” today, of course, is Russia, and Nuland, says Parry, has taken a page directly from the neocon-propaganda playbook.

Nuland’s Mastery of Ukraine Propaganda

By Robert Parry

An early skill learned by Official Washington’s neoconservatives, when they were cutting their teeth inside the U.S. government in the 1980s, was how to frame their arguments in the most propagandistic way, so anyone who dared to disagree with any aspect of the presentation seemed unpatriotic or crazy.

During my years at The Associated Press and Newsweek, I dealt with a number of now prominent neocons who were just starting out and mastering these techniques…

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John Kerry–we might perhaps call him “Kerry the Kagan”–apparently doesn’t think the corporate media are doing an adequate job in countering RT’s message…

Isn’t it amazing how US and Israeli officials always seem to think the solution to their problems is simply increasing the propaganda?

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