Ukraine, Fighting the Spin

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by Gordon Duff, via NEO.org.com

There was no coup or revolution in the Ukraine. It was an invasion and it is still going on. Real surrender begins with psychological warfare. You have an opponent “on the run” when you get them to accept your narrative. The term, roughly translated as Revolution of Dignity, was cooked up at the Jamestown Foundation in Washington, well in advance of Victoria Nuland’s assumption of the throne as defacto “Queen of the Ukraine,” lording over her subjects, playing the role of “donut dollie.”

The roots of the conflict in the Ukraine with thousands dead and the threat of, minimally, a wider regional conflict, is inexorably, extremist elements in the United States, faces and voices seen in the invasion of Afghanistan, of Iraq, the supporters of ISIS/Al Qaeda in Syria and the cheerleaders of the continued genocide against the Palestinian people.

Half of any war is the war of words, words kill more, in the end, than any weapon. The current battle in the Ukraine, coup within coup, counter-coup or civil war, all words, got out of hand long ago. Over the past days, the “narrative” used by the West has failed, the Kiev “government” is no government, only warring factions, “toadies” of a broader and clearly quite international conspiracy.

Let’s examine where it went wrong.

In February 2014, ultra-nationalists including NATO security services, Polish special forces, Israeli commandos and extremist elements within Ukraine moved against the elected pro-Russian government. Enough documents have been released citing coup backed snipers killing dozens of protesters, US embassy officials planning false flag attacks, extremists downing a passenger airliner and NATO peddling falsified intelligence, to make it very clear that the “coup” is more of an invasion than anything else.

The issue of “containing” or surrounding Russia has been at the heard of Western policy since the announcement of the Truman Doctrine in 1947. Expansionist moves by NATO are only a continuation of those policies. That they are visibly coordinated with “Islamist” wars in the Middle East and Africa is more than anecdotal.

NATO simply moved into the Ukraine under the cover of a political upheaval, one NATO itself orchestrated and one backed by broad criminal elements, many of which are also involved in backing Al Qaeda and ISIS. Among these are think tanks, public relations agencies, financial institutions, oil and armaments interests, which by current definition can be referred to as “the usual suspects.”

Documenting this last statement is relatively easy, tracing shiploads of specially modified trucks, some bought by Saudi Royals, armed in Israel, shipped by train through Jordan, funded by stolen Syrian antiquities, stolen oil, even entire factories stolen from Syria and trucked into Turkey, run there with profits shared by ISIS. This is what General Wesley Clark, former NATO commander was talking about when he cited NATOs role in creating ISIS, in a TV interview last week.

What is the real situation on the ground? Is the conflict in the Ukraine an invasion or a coup? First we must consider international law. As the “takeover” never consolidated power, it must be considered, coup or invasion, an ongoing operation.

The idea that a “coup” that fails to gain political control of but only one region of a nation and then holds an election, in that one region only, within one ethnic group, possibly a minority group, as the language using of Ukrainians has long been a subject of debate, is absurd.

The idea that a junta in Kiev could hold an election there without participation in Eastern Ukraine, and claim to be a “republic” is not only a violation of the Geneva Convention, but third rate political spin as well.

Widespread and large scale armed resistance by a substantial percentage of the population of the Ukraine now long subjected to indiscriminate attack by heavy artillery with thousands dead more than negates any claim of political legitimacy.

It could and perhaps should be asserted that the Eastern regions are “loyalist” and are resisting an ongoing coup attempt. All is semantics. Then again, NATO’s discussions of arming the Kiev junta in order to aid a “coup” in consolidating power steps well over the line.

Even such a suggestion by Nation constitutes a violation of the Geneva Conventions and is, by definition, clearly “aggressive war” through implication alone.


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