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by Joseph Farrell, Giza Death

This one came from N.B., and it is one of those articles that highlights the glaring and growing hypocrisy of the technocratic elites running (and probably ruining) this planet. American scientists are now calling for an international regulatory agency with teeth to oversee geoengineering projects:

Scientists call for international authority on climate geoengineering

Now, as someone who lives in the USA and who has seen, within the past few months, direct evidence of this type of aerosol and spraying activity firsthand, it strikes me as both odd and hypocritical, for such activity could not be conducted in American skies without, at somepoint, someone in the government knowing, and approving, of it. INterestingly, the article mentions none of these activities, but seems weirdly concentrated only upon more fantastic schemes:

“Geoengineering includes all man-made interventions from reflecting sunlight from the Earth’s surface to sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Technologies range from simply painting roofs white, to proposals to launch mirrors into orbit.”

But hidden within the article is another agenda, and when I read this, I must confess, I shuddered. What’s thereal reason for this call for international regulation of geo-engineering? It’s very simple:

“But geoengineering should be explored in depth, in case of need in the future, the committee said.

“Marcia McNutt, who led the 16-person committee, told the AAAS conference that ‘the governance mechanism should be open, be transparent and should involve the civil society on deciding where is the dividing line for these experiences.’

(Interjection: note the babblling claptrap: “these experiences”!?!?  Geoengineering is “an experience”?)

“‘If the US starts to talk about this, we can have other nations joining in,’ said McNutt, editor in chief of the journal Science and the former president of the American Geophysical Union.

Such institutions are necessary before large-scale geoengineering experiments can be conducted, she said, adding that small-scale research could be carried out in the meantime.”(Emphasis added)

In other words, we’re going to conduct large-scale geoengineering, whether anyone wants to do so or not. Note, the aptly-named Ms. McNutt wants society only to be able to determine “the dividing line” between acceptable and non-acceptable techniques. What has been ruled out of the picture is the decision not to have geoengineering at all.

THe real question is why geoengineering is needed on a planetary scale at all. I’ve never bought, for a moment, the global warming meme, and the climate change meme is simply a useful tautology: of course the climate is changing, and it always will. So why the rush to “regulate”?

If the stories of the chemical composition of chemtrails is any indicator, heavy metals are being aerosolized. And that increases the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere, and alters local and regional geomagnetic characteristics. And the mischief to which this can be put should be self-evident, from everything from weather modification (another way of rigging the market for those “weather derivatives”), to uses in military application.

So for my part, when I hear the “experts” talking about climate change and geoengineering, I remain skeptical, because what I’m hearing is “military, weapons, directed energy, weather modification.” A regulatory agency would simply seem to be a way merely of ensuring that the West remains the big boy on the block.

See you on the flip side…

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