SGT of SGTReport.com on Making Truth Online, a Success

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by Justin O’Connell, via PreciousMetals.Me, Max Keiser.com : 

SGT has been working on his YouTube channel and website for many years now, building it from nothing to quite an internet success. The website is one of the largest in the alternative precious metals, political and financial arena, and continues to grow.

The SGTReport.com YouTube channel enjoys more than 300,000 views per month and his website is the central hub for alternative investing and political news, with monthly traffic of approximately one million visitors. Enjoy our interview with SGT.

Want to know more about SGT before reading the interview? Check out this video. 

What made you start the website SGTreport.com?

SGT: The website was started long after the YouTube channel, but both began completely as a labor of love. As a result of being invited to do this written interview, I went back to check the date of the first YouTube video I ever made and it was February 10, 2010. It’s called America Falls: The Bailouts – Part 1 and it now has 2,400 views. But it was a slow start, the second video was called  America Falls – Part 2: “Truth Has Fallen And Taken Liberty With It”, it features Naomi Wolf and Paul Craig Roberts. I was shocked by the truth about the fascist state of affairs in our nation and I wanted to spread the information in any way I could. So I turned to YouTube to do it.  Once I started getting some subscribers, a “friend” in the comments section kept urging me to start a website, so I finally did, in 2011.  It has been visited more than 27 million times since. I feel very blessed to have been given this platform to offer my perspective on national and international events. Exercising our first amendment rights is one of  the only ways we can turn things around, we MUST wake up our friends, neighbors and colleagues before it’s too late. But the hour is getting late for our “Republic”.

Did you have any internet experience beforehand?

SGT: No, besides my experience publishing videos on YouTube I had no real experience with website creation or coding. I was very fortunate that the person in the comments who kept urging me to start a site also offered to help me create it. He became a close friend a tremendous inspiration to me. I am very grateful that fate and Divine intervention caused our worlds to collide, on YouTube.

Have you learned anything since starting the website?

SGT: I have learned a great deal about WordPress, that’s the platform that a majority of bloggers use to create their websites. it continues to become more and more user friendly and although there is a learning curve if it’s new to you, it is very doable with a little tutoring. I’ve also learned that there are a LOT of really wonderful people in this country who are really appalled by the criminality within our own government and the shocking level of dishonesty coming from the mainstream media. Many of those good people visit SGT Report day in and day out because they hunger for REAL news, information and potential solutions to the evil we see at the highest levels in Washington, and in state capitals around the nation.

What do you attribute your success to?

SGT: I’m not sure what defines “success”, there are websites out there that get one million views a DAY, mine only gets a million or so per month!  But, to answer the question: Divine intervention. Passion. Hard work.  Sincerity.  Those are the four ingredients that guide me. The latter three are critical to success in anything you do in life. The first one speaks to the humility that guides anyone who believes the Creator has a place and a purpose for all of us in this world. Give yourself fully to an honorable passion and let His spirit guide you. Have hope. Always have hope.

What advice would you give someone just trying to get into such a thing?

SGT: Jump in now, be well-researched, learn REAL history, write (blog) or vlog (on YouTube) and try hard to find the thing that others are missing. Report REAL news – combat the CNN/FoxNews/Big news & cable networks propaganda. Be sincere. Be passionate. And if what you’re doing is intelligent and exposes the criminals in charge (CIC) and the evil things they are doing, send the link to me at sgtreport@gmail.com and I will publish it at SGT Report and link back to YOU. We are all in this mess together and the more of us who speak truth to power, the better.

What advice would you give to someone trying to make money as a content provider online?

SGT: It all MUST start with passion. You have to be willing to work for free indefinitely, and if it’s not in your heart, if it doesn’t drive you from the minute you get up to the minute you go to bed, it won’t work. I’m writing this at 11:21 pm CST, and when I’m done I have a lot of SGT Report work left to do and e-mails left to reply to.  So, #1) Passion. #2) Sincerity #3) Hard work.  Money cannot be the key driver in this field, if it’s your key driver I might suggest you consider another field.

What hobbies do you have outside of sgtreport.com?

SGT: I run 15-20 miles a week and love it. The endorphins from working out become one of the motivations to do it. Reporting on the real news can be tough psychologically, lots of bad news can get anyone down, so working out and staying fit is key for me. I also ski with my kids (they snowboard), we have a family pass every year and go several times a week all winter long, usually one night a week and weekends.

How can people contact you?

SGT: Please leave me a kind or constructive comment in the comments section at SGT Report. Or, if you have a link to a news article we should post – OR an original article you wrote (or YT vlog), please send it to: sgtreport@gmail.com – if it’s well thought out and presented, we’ll post it.

Where can people find your social media sites?

SGT: I do send out several Tweets each day, so please find me on Twitter as sgtreport – same with Facebook.  And on YouTube, please subscribe to SGTreport.com to get the latest update and interviews. My thanks to all off you for visiting… and for reading this!

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