Moving Closer Towards War on 2 Fronts

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by Richard Edmonson, via Fig Trees and Vineyards

Some very powerful people in America now seem to be pushing hard–hard as they possibly can–for war both in Syria and Ukraine. We know who’s behind the effort to take us to war in Syria. Overthrow of the Assad government has long been a prime objective of Israel and its lobby in America.

For some people, though, the picture in Ukraine is maybe not quite as clear. My own personal view–call it a hunch–is that a lot of those seeking to move us into a confrontation with Russia over Ukraine are staunch Israel supporters as well. When the same media pundits who defend Israel’s repeated attacks on Gaza as “self defense” complain to no end about Russian “aggression” in Ukraine, it’s time to start connecting dots and putting two and two together.

Victoria Nuland, described by the guest in the video above as Obama’s “hit lady,” was in Congress earlier this week doing what she specializes in: war mongering. “Russia and its separatists puppets have unleashed unspeakable violence and pillage,” she said. (Click here for video).

Nuland is married to Robert Kagan, one of the founders of the Project for a New American Century and currently also a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Both Nuland and her husband are staunch supporters of Israel. In September of 2000–one year before 9/11–PNAC issued a document asserting that a “catalyzing event–like a new Pearl Harbor” would be necessary in order for America to begin “projecting force” around the world.

Funny how it didn’t take very long for the “catalyzing event” to materialize.

If there is such thing as a “law of averages” it would suggest that at some point these people and others like them, should they keep pushing and prodding hard enough, will finally get the global war they seem so ardently to long for.

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