Israeli Espionage Goes Mainstream w/ Bibi’s Congressional Speech

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Senator Boehner invites nuclear conspirator and saboteur, Bibi Netanyahu, to address the American Knesset ahead of the Iran Nuke Talks

by Jim Dean, via Veterans Today.com

“With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half.” – Baron Otto von Bismarck, first Chancellor of Germany 1871-1890


Boehner and Netanyahu plan their Neocon thrust

The old adage that every cloud has a silver lining is certainly the case with Netanyahu’s current double ploy, pretending to be the Zionist-Dutch boy with his finger in the Iranian nuclear weapons dike, while grabbing the world stage just before the Israeli elections.

For intelligence analysts who have long followed Zionist espionage in the US, we are given a second Christmas in March with the Zionist Lobby pulling out all the stops for Bibi’s last assault on the Iran nuclear talks.

By that I mean not only will they deploy all of their usual shills and water carriers, but even some of their deep cover assets and agents to wreck any agreement. That level of involvement makes the effort a major espionage one, so hunting season is open.

Yes, the long stand down on prosecuting Israeli espionage has been a humiliation, especially for the FBI which is tasked with “blocking” their efforts, but always short of getting any arrests and indictments.

That would be too embarrassing to the seamy array of Americans who assist Israel in what is clearly espionage…and in this case political espionage which is long rampant on Capitol Hill.

Neither Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein or the late Mr. Gaddafi were offered a prestigious Joint Session of Congress speech. But here comes Mr. “Being investigated for Crimes Against Humanity in Gaza” Netanyahu, getting the red carpet treatment from the Jewish Lobby branch in Congress, primarily the NeoCon Republicans, and too many Democrats who should know better.


This Hail Mary pass by Bibi is an act of desperation which has been recognized by both friends and foes of Israel. His Likud party was leading in the polls, but is now in a neck and neck race, so he could be betting his election on this speech.

My gut feeling is that the Zionists already know that when a nuclear resolution deal gets done with Iran, Israel will find itself in the hot seat over its entire inventory of weapons of mass destruction, which is a threat to all of us.

Tel Aviv desperately needs to keep the Iran nuclear bogeyman alive to keep control of its diverse and unhappy Israelis through fear of a future, which includes cutbacks in US support and growing economic isolation.

No matter what happens with the speech, I already see long term damage for Israel politically as more Americans learn the extent of Israeli subversion here.

The backlash began immediately after the speech plans were announced. They were not only politically bipartisan, but spilled over to some of the top media pundits editorializing about what a dumb move it was. Even many in the Israeli Lobby were shocked. Someone in the lobby camp had miscalculated badly, and they began organizing a counterattack, which poured more fuel on the controversy.

In their usual bullying manner, they countered the announcements of Democrats boycotting the speech, including the Black Caucus, by announcing there would be “payback” on all those who refused to attend. This was over the line. The Israeli Lobby had now hung targets on themselves and all those supporting the speech. Thank you, Santa!

If anyone had any illusions that the speech protocol announcement was just a misunderstanding, Mr. Motor Mouth Bibi cleared the air by admitting to Israelis that going to Congress was the whole point of his strategy of flanking Obama, as it might have the last say on killing a negotiated P5+1 deal.

Here he admitted he was trying to undermine and, if needed, reverse an international agreement by any means at his disposal. Our Congress is occupied Israeli territory here, an old joke that is really not a joke… but a significant national security threat.

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