A Track Record of Lies and War Mongering

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by Richard Edmonson, via Fig Trees and Vineyeards

I’m generally not a fan of mainstream media pundits and usually don’t post their videos. But I thought I would make an exception in this case. Chris Matthews is correct to a degree, at least insofar as he takes his argument, that Netanyahu’s speech in Congress yesterday was in essence a crude attempt at taking over US foreign policy. Of course, he could also have said that it isn’t only Netanyahu, and that American policy is now, and has been for a long time, under hijack by by AIPAC as well, but of course he probably wouldn’t have had a job afterwards.

That being said, Matthews does make an important point in terms of the relationship between the US and Israel and its rather freakish singularity. What other country in the world, he asks, would let a foreign leader come in and wrest control of its polices from its own head of state? What country indeed? And what Matthews offers is a rare moment of candidness in the mainstream media.

And now on to the equally interesting material below. This was posted earlier today by Uprooted Palestinians, which in turn reblogged it from a site called 100 Words. The links take you to various news sources documenting claims made by Netanyahu about Iran going all the way back to 1992, when he claimed it was 3-5 years away from a nuclear weapon. All the links are quite interesting, but for my money the best is the one that lands you on C-span. Here you’ll see a video of a presentation Netanyahu made before a Congressional committee in 2002 in which he encouraged a US attack upon Iraq. “A nuclear-armed Saddam will place the security of our entire world at risk,” he says at one point. It seems very much as if this man has been advocating war throughout much of his adult life.

Here is an excerpt of the material from 100 Words:

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