We’ve Never Seen This In The History Of Gold & Silver Markets

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from King World News:

Today London metals trader Andrew Maguire spoke with King World News about stunning developments that we’ve never seen before in the history of the gold and silver markets and why this has the shorts so incredibly worried.  Below is what Maguire had to say as the war in the gold and silver markets continues to rage.

Eric King:  “Andrew, you made an absolutely spectacular call two days ago on KWN, right at the lows in the gold and silver markets.  That was incredible timing on your part.”

Perfect Bottom Call By Maguire On Gold And Silver 2 Days Ago (See Charts)

Gold (Note Bottom On The 11th)KWN Maguire 2:13:2015

Silver (Note Bottom On The 11th)KWN Maguire II 2:13:2015

Andrew Maguire:  “When we last spoke on the 11th, it seemed as though virtually everyone in the world was going bearish on gold and silver.  At that time (two days ago), as we were hitting the lows, I told KWN readers that the commercials and the sovereigns were massively on the buy side….

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