The Newest Country to Defy the Banksters

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Resistance to Banker Rule Spreads

from The Wealth Watchman:

As we’ve discussed before, the bankers have need of keeping the dream of Eurasia from becoming a reality.  It is the thing which they pull out all the stops to prevent.  Many countries in the recent past, especially those in the Middle East, or in Europe’e periphery, who’ve dared to assert their own interests, have been put down in the most gruesome ways.  Yet the tide seems to be turning against the controllers!

In fact, considering the location of the latest rift growing in Europe, it’s becoming apparent that the deep-seated resentment is turning into outright opposition.  As the cracks in the DC/NATO armor become more severe, more and more countries are now openly doing things, which they’d only previously whispered of in secret.

Take the case of the newest country(on the ever-growing list of countries) to valiantly reject US/UK/IMF- funded, technocrat-flavored, “Uni-polar” governance…


Little Background on Hungary

Going as far back as their founding under Saint Stephen(pictured below), Hungary has been a very different sort of place in central Europe.

Hungary 2

Despite often being surrounded by many stronger neighbors since time immemorial, their institutions, traditions, religious convictions, and their language have always set them apart.  Their Magyar language particularly, being so completely different than every other language on the European continent, has helped to insulate them from outside cultural forces, and has helped maintain a vibrant Hungarian identity that the people have fiercely defended.

For centuries, the people of Hungary(the ethnic Magyars), have proudly guarded their sovereignty, and defiantly fought anyone who encroached upon them and their lands. Whether it was Turkish invasions(which they doggedly resisted for almost 300 years), or the Soviet occupation, the Hungarian people have risen up to throw off the yoke of oppression, and to establish control of their own homeland.  Theirs is a very real sense of the importance of freedom, since in their long history, they’ve suffered under everything from occupations and partitions, to ethnic cleansing.

Over time this staunch resistance is something that has come to typify the cultural mindset of their people.  Resisting foreign encroachments into their country has become every bit as Hungarian, as a steaming bowl of goulash(which is delicious, by the way)!

So, perhaps it seems only fitting then, that this newest attempt to roll back bankster tyranny should come from their country.  This time though, the oppression being resisted isn’t military occupation(at least, not yet), but rather corporatism, IMF debt-slavery, DC diktats, and EU belligerence toward Russia.

Particularly though, this latest thorn in the banksters’ side, springs from Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and his political party, Fidesz.  For the past few years, he and his party’s actions have given Western ruling powers some major fits in their country.

Orban’s Courageous Audacity

Take, for instance, their stance on GMO’s and Monsanto.  Now, as we know, DC takes its love for its pet corporations very seriously, as its corporate tentacles are a major tool in the banker arsenal for nifty things: like colonization of other countries, destroying local sovereignty, as well as siphoning off coveted resources into their coffers.  So when Prime Minister Orban banned all GMO’s from their country’s agricultural scene several years ago, and actually plowed up over 1,000 acres of crops, which were found to be of the Monsanto variety, it definitely put him on Washington’s radar.

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