The Legacy of a Silver Stacker

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from The Wealth Watchman:

Hello warriors.  Since I was gone over the weekend, a fellow shield brother, The Solution, has offered some thoughts on stacking for your consideration today.   Thanks!


What is the most important factor any stacker needs to consider?

I have spent a great part of the last 4 years learning the lessons of this world.  Lessons like how the world is ruled by pathological, arrogant individuals that have no mercy and no qualms about crushing you under their heel fiscally for their benefit.

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As I had last written previously here, I really didn’t come looking for trouble, but was merely searching for a way to get myself out of the financial predicament that I had allowed myself to get into. Finding these things out has altered my destiny forever. For one thing I am more fiscally sound then I ever would have been: paying down debts and saving solid silver bullion has become a staple for me. More importantly, my family’s financial future is secured outside the dollar monetary death trap.

Even though every currency in the world (especially gold and silver) have been under pressure due to a rising dollar, all parabolic moves end badly… and our patience will be richly rewarded.

Because that it is true, I think it may be a hidden blessing to find bargain prices silver gold purchases as a result of this USD uptrend. By the way, if you have been stacking for a while maybe you (like myself) have really gotten tired of the same ol’ coins from the US MINT (part of their strategy may be to bore you to death!)


Yes, by all means, if you wish to purchase eagles, go for it! I am not against such a wise thing. But honestly, when I first got a look at the 2014 Perth Lunar Horse, I couldn’t say enough about the superior, aesthetic qualities of it.  Every one of these beauties I have purchased has the look of a proof coin and it comes contained in its own plastic capsule. Worth every dollar spent in my humble opinion.

There is no way I would sell this coin for less than 10 times I have purchased it at!  When I look at this 2 ounce coin, I at least see $500!

Maybe that is a bit demented on my part, as we aren’t to think in dollar terms, but it keeps me motivated when we are constantly dealing with MOPE from TPTB, COMEX, Fed, or fill-in-the-blank, elite bad guy.  So you have decisions to make and you are on a time table… what are some things to consider if you are just starting out as a stacker vs. an aging veteran?

Your Most Precious Planning Tool

When I teach exponential growth and decay in my math classes we use the function:

exp growth

Where Q(t) is a quantity of stuff at the given time(t), and that quantity increases (growth) or decreases (decay) over time.

Your quantity isn’t the most important factor here. The most important factor is time!

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