Reports: Israel Opens Dams, Floods Gaza

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by Richard Edmondson, via Fig Trees and Vineyards:

A little over a year ago I posted an article entitled No Dams in the Negev? in which I discussed Israel’s capacity to cause deliberate flooding in Gaza by opening strategically placed dams along its border with the coastal enclave.

Well, it appears that the Jewish state may well have utilized its capability in this regard, at least if several news reports now circulating are accurate.

And if so, it would not be for the first time.

In December of 2013 winter storm Alexa hit the Middle East, causing flooding, and as I noted at the time abundant evidence suggests that Israel opened its dams in order to divert flood waters from its own territory into Gaza. There are several large reservoirs in the area, including the Nir Am Reservoir, located near the town of Sderot, which overlooks Gaza. In heavy storms, the reservoir, like any body of water, would have the capacity of exceeding its banks and causing flood damage unless there was some way of diverting it in a safe direction–say, for instance, downhill into Gaza.

Now it seems something of the sort may have happened again.

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