Note to the UN Security Council: SOMEONE IS SPIKING YOUR DRINKS!

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by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser:We, the people of this planet, are most concerned and have come to the conclusion that someone is spiking your drinks at the United Nations Security Council. It has become clear that you people have lost the plot. Or maybe you are not following the same script that we are. Which, (in case you are unaware of it,) is the evidence not the propaganda.

Now propaganda is fine, it has it’s place, when you are trying to sell dish washing liquid. But when people’s lives are at stake, when nations are at stake and when the well being, safety and security (you remember that thing you are most entrusted with?) is at stake, propaganda simply will not do!

Let’s take Syria for example. Total devastation and destruction, over 200,000 people dead, millions more living in refugee camps. As you recall, that Sarin gas attack incident turned out to be a bit of an international embarrassment didn’t it? Especially with the headlines screaming, “Assad kills his own people!”

Then it turns out to be the “rebels” who abducted those little children and gassed them to death, those same “moderate rebels” (whatever that means) who have since morphed into this thing called ISIL ( though you never know, they might change their name again tomorrow,) were the guilty party. Since then more atrocities have occurred on an on going basis, each more horrifying than the last. These people have been funded by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and have also received assistance from the United States, training in  Jordan, and medical care from Israel on the Golan heights. There are also stories going around that Israel has even taken a few pot shots at the Syrian army.

It is clear to everyone who the guilty party is, but to the UN security council it is a clear as mud. You still scream from the rooftops, “Assad must go!” When to all intense and purposes, he is the only person who is actually DOING something about these murderous criminals.

Clearly from this evidence you can see that someone is spiking your drinks. 

How about Libya? Is everyone proud of that one too? Another functioning, thriving and peaceful country turned upside down and now in total and utter chaos thanks to the same gang. That whole “we came, we saw, he died” number from Hillary was really over the top!  And when Egypt tries to do something about it, you shoot General Sisi down in flames! Well, not literally in this case, not yet anyway. Oh we also know all about Egypt too! Word gets around these days you know, faster than you can blink and eye. In case it has slipped your mind, let me remind you:

Sisi has hard evidence that the Obama regime, specifically Clinton, were funding the Muslim Brotherhood and with assistance from Al Jazeera propaganda took over the colour revolution. 

Morsi’s plan was to hand over the Sinai to Hamas. Hamas has been causing terrible trouble there, hence the closing of the tunnels and the border to Gaza.Keep in mind that  Ron Paul did tell you that Hamas was started by the Mosaad. The top guys in Hamas were not Palestinian they were Mosaad agents. This looks to me like a typical ISIL scenario, “ye shall wage war by deception.” Israel wants the Sinai back, as they intend to rule from the Nile to the Euphrates ( yes we know that one to!), and this is how they are going about it without declaring outright war against Egypt.

Morsi was also going to send in the Egyptian army to overthrow Assad. The Egyptian military refused to do this. Keep in mind that every Egyptian male does military service. So when an Egyptian says, “We are the military, the military are us,” they mean it. 

The Muslim Brotherhood was destroying Coptic Christian Churches and killing and terrorising Coptic Christians in Egypt. 

The Muslim Brotherhood was going to start a war with Ethiopia, and keep in mind that Ethiopia is majority Orthodox Christian.

Now these same people are chopping Coptic Christian’s heads off and letting their blood run into the sea in Libya.

Taking all of the above into account, no matter what is bandied around about “democratic” elections in Egypt for the first time being overturned, AND the rest, I am going with the Egyptians on this one.

I still remember when the Muslim Brotherhood killed a whole lot of tourists at Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple.  I think that was a serious mistake, because knowing her character, that woman is really angry now! She would not like such disrespect and desecration especially at HER Temple. Ask my friend Ahmed Shawky in Luxor. He was in total shock poor man. Then, this same gang of criminals had the cheek to call themselves ISIS? Oh boy, are they bringing some serious bad karma down on their heads. These Mamas know a thing or two and have been around forever, a lot longer than the UN I can tell you. And by the way, SISI is ISIS. The male version. Man are you in trouble!

As regards the current situation I would like to quote from Egypt is calling the West’s bluff over its phony war on ISIS. 

Sisi’s call for the military support of the West in his intervention has effectively been rejected, as he very likely expected it to be. A joint statement by the US and Britain and their allies on Tuesday poured cold water on the idea, and no wonder – they did not go to all the bother of turning Libya into the centre of their regional destabilisation strategy only to then try to stabilise it just when it is starting to bear fruit. However, by forcing them to come out with such a statement, Sisi has called the West’s bluff. The US and Britain claim to be committed to the destruction of ISIS, a formation which is the product of the insurgency they have sponsored in Syria for the past four years, and Sisi is asking them to put their money where their mouth is. They have refused to do so. In the end, the Egyptian resolution to the UN Security Council on Wednesday made no mention of calling for military intervention by other powers, and limited itself to calling for an end to the one-sided international arms embargo which prevents the arming of the elected government but does not seem to deter NATO’s regional partners from openly equipping the ‘Libya Dawn’ militias. Sisi has effectively forced the West to show its hand: their rejection of his proposal to support the intervention makes it clear to the world the two-faced nature of their supposed commitment to the destruction of ISIS.”

Clearly from this evidence you can see that someone is definitely spiking your drinks. 

Now we get to Ukraine. Dear, oh dear, oh dear. ALL those faked photographs of the Russians “invading Ukraine?” But they kept bumping off real journalists.  Six killed last year reporting what was actually happening on the ground with the photographs and the film footage to prove it. Their version was a very different story to what was being told in Kiev. Do you know they even had, and some of them still do, the alive ones anyway, a bounty on their heads? Funny that, I did not see Christine Amampour in Donetsk, did you? Not once! I wonder why.

Kiev tanks invaded Eastern Ukraine because the Russian speaking people of Eastern Ukraine have a particular aversion to Nazis and voted in a legal, yes legal referendum to separate themselves from the Kiev-Junta-Victoria-Nuland-F*ck-the-EU-coup.  They are also not big fans of Fracking, think it is a terrible idea and have no intention whatsoever of handing their farms over to Monsanto for GMO corporate farming. (Just thought I would slip those two in while we are at it.)

There are gobs of Nazis in Kiev. All marching with their little Swaztikas and flaming torches in the middle of the night singing songs to Bandera and chanting “Russians on knives!” Do you remember what happened over 70 years ago? Or has that slipped your mind to? The Separatists knew what was coming and they said Neit! And fought back.

Now look at these figures. Over 50,000 civilians and militia killed, over one million refugees fleeing… NOT to Kiev mind you, but straight into the arms of Putin, who I might remind you is the only person who has sent truck loads of aid to these people.  Billions done in structural damage to the region, thanks to Kiev Grad rocket shelling. When was the last time your house got hit with a Grad rocket? I could say a lot more about this story, and you know I can. So can many other people all over the world who have been watching this debacle over the last year. But let’s just leave it at that for now shall we?Now, the USA and Canada, this is after the Minsk2 Peace Agreement mind you, wants to send lethal aid to Kiev AND NATO is increasing it’s forces because Russia is a threat? Sorry but I do not see it. Propaganda reporting, outright lies and fake photographs have yet to convince me. But they seem to have convinced you….

Clearly, from this evidence you can see that someone is very, definitely, spiking your drinks. 

[photo credit 1: Syria in ruins: NY Times]
[photo credit 2: Libya in ruins: Before Its News]
[photo credit 3: Ukraine is ruins: Global Research]