Psych Terror Campaign Sets Stage For Destruction of Medical Choice

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by Mike Adams, Natural

Following the staged terror attacks of 9/11, the national media whipped up the public’s anger and hatred against “terrorists” with a relentless psychological campaign of “news terror” against American citizens. This anger and hatred, of course, was necessary to garner public support for passage of the Patriot Act, arguably the most freedom-crushing piece of legislation ever signed into law in America.

It is under the Patriot Act that animal rights activists are now arrested and charged as “domestic terrorists.” It’s the Patriot Act that gave the FBI and NSA the authority to surveil all Americans’ phone calls, emails and web surfing behavior. The Patriot Act was claimed to be a weapon of law enforcement against evil terrorists, but just as many of us warned would happen, it was very quickly turned against the American people who are its main target today.

Thanks to the media fervor that spread hatred and anger, we now live under an police state where our Fourth Amendment rights have been obliterated; police forces across the nation are equipped with armored military vehicles and frontline battle weapons; and where a shocking 64% of journalists now say they believe the government is spying on them. (The other 36% are simply ignorant.)

First, lie about those who believe in liberty

Fast forward to 2015. A relatively small measles outbreak is now being whipped up with another media scare campaign; this time blaming “anti-vaxxers” and equating them with terrorists. Just as with 9/11, the media completely ignore actual facts and are wholly opposed to any real investigation of things like mercury in flu shots, faked vaccine science and the CDC whistleblower’s admission of the vaccine-autism cover-up.

All real facts are thrown out the window, replaced by a media jihad against America which goes to great lengths to outright lie as often as possible. For example, knowingly misrepresents the medical freedom stance of Rand Paul, claiming Paul is opposed to vaccinations when, in reality, Paul supports vaccine choice.

Rand Paul, in other words, still believes in the principles of liberty for America. He believes the government does not own your body and cannot force you to be injected with the toxic chemicals intentionally added to vaccines. Sure, Rand Paul tweeted a photo of himself getting a booster shot just to demonstrate he’s still pro vaccine, but I’m willing to bet he was actually injected with nothing more than a sterile diluent, not the actual vaccine powder itself which is where all the toxic heavy metals and chemicals are found. But that’s just conjecture on my part. The point is that Rand Paul is a vaccine supporter, yet the media intentionally distorts his position to try to paint him as an anti-vaxxer for the simple reason that he believes in medical freedom.

This is how dishonest the national media has become on this issue: They will knowingly lie in order to push an agenda.

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