Islamic Radicalism: Fox News Tells Us What it Doesn’t Want Us To Know

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by Henry Kamens, via NEO.org: 

So now we know where they get it from. Steve Emerson, billed as an “international terrorism expert”, has stated during an interview with Fox News, that bastion of responsible journalism, that Birmingham, UK, is a “totally Muslim city” which is a “no-go zone” for white people. Whilst his interlocutor, Jeanine Pirro, just sat and nodded as if this was a perfectly reasonable thing to say.

Of course you can hear such nonsense from drunken Islamophobes in any number of bars in the US and other parts of the Western world. What makes Emerson much more sinister is that his comments can be seen as official. He has given evidence to several Congressional committees in his role as a “terrorism expert”. It is people like him, rather than people who know anything about a given subject, who the US Congress are asking for their opinions, and it is these opinions the US is basing its actions on.

Emerson has apologised for his “terrible error” but refused to name his sources. He presents this as taking “full responsibility” for his actions, but in fact he is refusing to take any responsibility. Emerson did not suddenly invent these views. He has chosen to listen to grossly unreliable sources and chosen to promote patently false information to Congress and presumably other clients of his.

Refusing to name and repudiate his sources is a way of allowing those same false tales to continue to be told, because the sources will continue to be hidden and not be questioned. Emerson may have been left with egg on his face but the sources are untouched. Why? Because they are too useful to the agenda being pursued to be subjected to any scrutiny by elected officials, who are themselves, by definition, supposed to be subject to public scrutiny.

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