Benjamin Netanyahu Racing Off A Cliff Built On His Own LIES

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The leak of a top-secret document showing Benjamin Netanyahu’s warnings about Iran producing a nuclear bomb that contrasted sharply with Israel’s intelligence agency could not have come at a worse time for Netanyahu.

by Mitch Potter, via thestar.com

If we dare reduce global geopolitics to cartoons, it’s tempting to imagine Benjamin Netanyahu as Wile E. Coyote. Racing off a cliff built on his own hawkish bluster, frantically deploying the ACME umbrella as the fateful descent begins.

Iran, in this scenario, is the Road Runner. Surviving unscathed with a gleeful, taunting “Meep-Meep.”

Israel’s prime minister has only himself to blame for the metaphor, which took hold on social media in 2012 the moment Netanyahu wielded an absurdly cartoonish bomb graphic as a prop at the United Nations to warn that Iran was barely a year away from building a nuclear bomb.

The metaphor gained new life Monday, with the leak of a top-secret Mossad document showing Netanyahu’s warnings contrasted sharply with the assessment of Israel’s own intelligence agency, which came to the conclusion Iran was “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons” within weeks of the UN speech.

The leak, published simultaneously by The Guardian and Al Jazeera English, could not have come at a worse time for Netanyahu, who is already on an ideological crash course with the White House, determined to scuttle any deal that would leave Iran with its nuclear infrastructure in place.

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