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by The Wealth Watchman, SGT

My brothers, you know me by now.  You know that I’m a total believer in silver: as money, as a store of value for the common man, as a weapon to gouge the banking dragon in his most vulnerable spot. Yes, there are many great reasons to stack, and there are few stackers out there, who are as hard-core about silver as I am.

Nevertheless, I write what I do today, because I’ve got to let y’all know what has been on my mind over the past few weeks. I believe that one of the reasons that many of you have given me such an enthusiastic reception in the precious metals arena, is that while Ipaint the bullish case for the “poor man’s gold” with as exquisite a brush as I can, I’ve always been painfully honest with all of you about something else, too…

I’ve always told you when I’ve smelled a trap!

This is something that I take very seriously.  For whatever reason, many of you come here to gain my perspective in this war against the banking cabal that we’re all in the midst of….for peace, freedom, and to decentralize and disperse the “Money Power” throughout humanity.  I’ve always been very forthright about the highs and the lows, the victories, and the Enemy’s attacks.  It’s a delicate balance that I believe is necessary for me to remain a fresh and honest voice in our ranks. Well, my warriors, let me unequivocally say this right now:

I smell a trap in gold and silver.

“Aw, come on, don’t say that Watchman, I didn’t wanna hear that man!”

I know, believe me, I know.

Nevertheless, I do.

I know that silver’s the best performing asset so far in 2015, but remember, that’s exactly how it started 2014 as well!  After that brief out-performance in 2014, the banking gators took the price down to the river-bottom, for a nice “death roll”.

Look, I want our day to come as much as you do, if not more, but I must bring this up.  So let me make the case for a word of caution, as well as a possible monkey-wrench that might derail the banks’ plans.

The Evidence

When we broke through the 16’s in silver, and over 1240 for gold, I was a bit excited in the action, but I’ve been waiting for the last several weeks, to get the answer to just one question:

What are the “commercials” doing in the Comex, paper metals markets?

As Ted Butler, and others have said, the only thing that really matters, price-wise, is whether the banks start to go short all the new longs that are coming in.  Unfortunately, we now have our answer, as the past month has seen the banks sell bring in thousands of contracts of short against gold, and tens of thousands against silver.  Here, take a look for yourself in this graph, via

Bankster shorts

Ouch!  Holy guacamole, Batman!

Folks, every, single time you see silver being whacked, every single time you see blood in the streets, and wonder why it happens, just remember this chart: silver is the single, most manipulated, rigged, and perennially murdered item in the entire “commodity sector”.

Silver really is unique in this category, as nothing else usually even comes close.  As you can see, the banks have taken their short positions to a place, where, historically, it has meant that there’s a good-sized raid coming.

Remember two things: every short sale position is put on by the banks to cap price(and to cover it at a much lower price), and secondly: this isn’t their current short position, but only a snapshot of their short position as of two Tuesdays ago!  If you’re thinking they’ve probably hiked it tens of millions of ounces more since that time, to keep silver exploding to $20 and above(especially after the Greek electoral rebellion against the E.U.), then you’re an astute observer!

That chart says that there’s a short position nearing 300 million paper ounces in silver!

In gold, it’s just as bad: as the short position there, has continued to climb against all rallies, and now sits at nearly 18 million ounces!

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