$300 Silver $9000 Gold Price Forecast Update Q2 2021

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from SD Bullion:

$300 Silver $9000 Gold Price Forecast Update Q2 2021


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Since the September 2019 REPO loan fiasco kicked off the fiat US dollar monetary base (M0) has again exploded having now risen over 82% in only 19 months into March 2021. So we’re on pace to over 2X double the fiat cash note base by the month of September 2021, only two years since the NY Federal Reserve had to step in and inject massive overnight REPO loan liquidity.

Given these recent ramping in fiat currency creation run amok. We must update our long-term #Silver price forecast and #Gold price forecasts today. Stay tuned to the end of the video & see our google doc link for yourself:…

We will also hear from a multi-billionaire, how he is seeing this decade in terms of his life experience having built much of his empire throughout this now near fifty-year full fiat currency era.