The Promised Land of Lies

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from Memory Hole Blog:

The Promised Land of Lies


What exactly is the 44th US President true legacy? What did he bear witness to? Some will remember the Obama presidency for its raft of sensationalized mass casualty events and pleas for gun control. Others will remember the Great Wall Street bailout, or Obama’s obsession with drone kill lists, and R2P/Responsibility to Protect foreign policy. Still others will recollect the president’s opaque personal history, his rock star appeal alongside the administration’s brazen hostility toward news media. However one reconsiders those eight years, it was a time when promises were left unfulfilled and untruth reigned supreme. Memory Hold Blog is a creation of James Tracy, former Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University fired for blogging in 2016. MHB Report and MHB Commentary are official video series of http://memoryholeblog.org